How To Change Homepage on Microsoft Edge

If you want to open Google, Bing, CNN, or any other site when you start Microsoft Edge then you can set Microsoft Edge to start those pages. You can also decide that Microsoft Edge should open multiple sites, like WindowsInstructed, Google and a Blank Page. In this tutorial we will show you how to change the homepage on Microsoft Edge in Windows 10.

After reading this tutorial you will be able to change the homepage and set multiple websites to start when Microsoft Edge starts.

How To Change Homepage on Microsoft Edge

1. Begin by starting “Microsoft Edge” by clicking on the Edge icon in your taskbar.

2. Once Edge had started click on the three dot’s in the top right corner of Microsoft Edge

3. Then once a menu has appeared on Settings

4. Once in Settings check the box “A specific page or pages”

5. A list box will appear, set it to Custom

6. You can now add your own page or pages like WindowsInstructed and such.

Once you’re doing with adding all homepages you want you can simply close Microsoft Edge and it will be automatically saved, there is no need to press any save buttons (there aren’t any anyhow).

We hope this tutorial helped you on how to change your homepage on Microsoft Edge. Thanks for reading WindowsInstructed


  • baybilly01 May 11, 2016

    this only works when you open a new tab or window. When you click the HOME button MSN still opens….

  • Zay Sevier April 21, 2016

    Yes, I already said what I want to say, but I haven’t been able to find any comments. I’m not the only one who has trouble with Edge. Microsoft should fire the teenager who developed it.

    • Yuri Pustjens April 22, 2016


      Due to the amount of comments you created in a shorttime the anti-spam system of this site flagged you as a potential spammer and hidden your message pending admin approval, which as you can see I just did.

      I’ve contacted you by mail personally, to offer my help resolving this issue.

  • Zay Sevier April 21, 2016

    ROTTEN. I tried three times, following your instructions. Didn’t work. Still couldn’t change homepage. No menu bar, no toolbar, no favorites bar, no internet options. Edge is ROTTEN. Microsoft should fire the teenager who developed it. Is there any way to read other comments to this?

  • Dr. Zay sevier April 21, 2016

    I followed your instructions. Twice. Didn’t work. The goddamn msn homepage still comes up. No menu bar, not toolbar, no internet options, etc. Edge is just ROTTEN!

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