How to change Operating System Name in Boot List

If you have more than one operating system installed on your computer, for example Windows 7 and Windows 10, then you will see a “Choose an operating system” when you start your computer.

In this article we will show you the steps you need to change the display names of the operating systems on the “Choose an Operating System” screen.

You need be signed-in to an Administrator account to do these steps.


How to change Operating System Name in Boot List

1. First of all right-click your Windows icon and choose Command Prompt (Admin) (2)

Power Menu: Command Prompt (admin)
Power Menu: Command Prompt (admin)

2. Once done type the following command in the Command Prompt: BCDEdit

3. A list of all operating systems will be returned.

4. Write down the identifier of the operating system which name you want to change


5. Then type the following command and replace INDENTIFIER with the identifier you wrote down in step 4.

Bcdedit /set INDENTIFIER description “Name of your choice”

Once the command is entered press the Enter key and reboot your device. The name change should now be visible.

We hope this tutorial helped you on how to change the Operating System names in the Windows boot list. If you need more help than feel free to visit our forums where we will assist you personally for free.

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