Changing the color of a Folder in Windows 10 / 8 / 7

Users who have been using Windows for the past several years know that the folder icon hasn’t changed color much (perhaps a tone) but not much more. You can, as you might know, select an icon for the folder if you want to make it stand out more than it usually does. But what if you want to give the folders a color in Windows 10? In this article, we will discuss a small program called Folder Colorizer 2. Folder Colorizer 2 can color folders for you. We loved it and wanted to share it with our readers. It can increase your productivity and it might just inject some color into Windows, we all know it can use it.

Installing Folder Colorizer 2

You can download a free version of Folder Colorizer 2 from the official website here. Watch out! The installer will ask you to install 3rd party advertorial applications, we suggest you skip those. The program works on all Windows versions since Windows 7 (7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10).

Styling your folders

Once the program has been installed you can directly start with styling your folders. See our example below. We use the program on our editorial folders to clearly show which articles are currently in drafts, which are done and which are in progress. While the folder titles are quite clear the color of the folder helps, even more, to easily recognize them.

The cool part about this program is that you can also choose your own colors. You get a color picker or if you’re a geek then you can also use your own HEX color code.

Make sure to give the program a shot. We loved it. There are many more of these customization programs that are completely free. Want to read more about those programs? Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter or Facebook page so you know when we publish more.

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