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Check & Free Up Space on iPhone/iPad using Windows? Here’s is perhaps a One-stop Solution

Apple has recently announced their new flagship; the iPhone 11 at the annual press event. And in our eyes it’s a good moment to reflect on iPhone data migration and backup. Perhaps DearMob iPhone Manager is a good one-stop solution? In this article we will take a look at the program and see if the features match up to what we have come to expect from this publisher. Let’s get into it.


We come to expect quite a lot from the publisher and we expect the tool to deliver. It’s packed with quite a lot of features we love. We can’t talk about all the features but we picked 3 good features and discuss it below.

Backuping your iPhone

By one simply click you can make an entire backup of your iOS device but you can also choose toonly select a few files to backup it’s all in your hands.

We love the fact that you can transfer photo’s, music, videos, files and all other types of stuff like you see above in the image; you can backup contacts, podcasts, books, voice recordings, apps, sms, calendar data, bookmarks on your iOS 13 and lower devices.

As you can see above you can also reorganize your iPhone, add photo’s (or video’s and such) to your iPhone or iPad. You can also:

  • create albums on your device
  • delete photos from your device
  • sync photo’s between your computer and iOS device
  • Preview and convert HEIC photo’s taken on your iOS device.

The same goes for video’s on your iOS Device.

Another problem many people experience is that they want to copy a video to their iOS device like their iPhone but it doesn’t support the file you want to add. DearMob iPhone Manager has a built-in conversion solution to make sure all the files you want to add are supported on the device. Their conversion solutions converts the video file you want to add on your mobile to a supported format by the device.

Cleaning your iPhone or iPad

Another great feature of DearMob is the ability to easily clean your device with a few clicks on a button. For example you can group your images by year and remove old pictures and video’s you might no longer need on your device (of course you should make an encrypted backup to your system before removing them).

Something else I do experience quite a lot are duplicate contacts. While they might not consume a lot of space on your device they make it a bit less “clean”. DearMob iPhone Manager has the ability to remove duplicate contacts but even better; it can merge them. So for example you have a contact for John his personal number but also for a separate contact for his work number. DearMob iPhone Manager will recognize this and easily merge them together into one contact while preserving all data (including the avatar you have set!).

And of course you can delete anything you want, no need to sync, or click on different popups asking you to remove it from the iTunes library as well. You can simply click on a file and tell the program to remove it from your device and it’s gone.

Data Encryption

While backuping up your device is important it’s more important to make sure the backups that you make are secure especially in the current time of cyberattacks, ransom ware and so on. Therefor DearMob offers data encryption of all files you pull from your iPhone, iPad or any other support iOS device you might have. DearMob iPhone Manager had the same tought and adopted 256-bit AES, 1024-bit RSA, PBKDF2, Argon2 encryption technology in their solution. Something we can only applaud them for doing.

It’s good to mention that the encryption works on full backups but can also be applied on every single file which you take from device.


Overall we loved the application. It’s easy to use, user-friendly designed and the data encryption is a very good thing. We recommend you give the free trail a shot and see if you like it. If we would need to score the application between a 1 and 10 we would give it a solid 8 out of 10.

Disclaimer; We tried the program for ourselves, however due to privacy reasons the images in this article are stock images from the publisher their site. We did however test all features we talked about in this article.

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