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Company Activity Monitoring: How to use, a Guide

What is User Activity Monitoring?

User activity monitoring is software tools designed to track and monitor user behavior on networks, devices, and other companies IT resources. Many companies have UAM tools to detect and stop inside threats (whether unintentional or intentional). The range of methods depends on the company’s objectives.

Through UAM software short and large businesses can identify negative behavior and reduce risks before they become data breaches, or at least minimize damages. User activity monitoring can be used for surveillance, but also analyzes user activity to spot misuse of privileges whether unintentional or intentional

Why Are Companies Using it Today?

Because of its security and customized usage, hundreds of companies use UAM to keep their data and files secure. Here are some of the benefits of UAM software:

Create a Behavior Baseline

No one is 100% productive at work. People take quick breaks, and most have personal matters to deal with throughout the workday. UAM helps you establish a baseline of correct user behavior, so they know what to expect when it comes to the employee’s internet usage.

With this baseline, you can find the users that are abusing your internet and work to discover a solution. If a user’s behavior makes drastic changes, it’s a warning sign and the UAM  software can tell your IT team to investigate the issue.

Plus, monitoring your employee’s online activity helps you understand them fully. YYou can partner with your HR team to make sure the benefit packages are in line with values that are important to workers.

Accurate Billing

If you know how your employees are spending their time, you can send an accurate bill to your clients. For instance, if your clients have a question about the invoice, organizations will have the data from UAM to help you support the bill. UAM is also used to protect your bottom line and overall reputation.

Spotlight Monitoring

User activity monitoring can spot big problems within your organization. 20% of the people surveyed stated UAM revealed sexual harassment issues. 5% said that drug abuse issues were bought to light.

UAM protects employees because employees can address dangerous issues. Some issues might not be sent to HR, but with UAM, problems are resolved faster than traditional methods.

Prevents Redundancy

UAM decreases the number of shared accounts and creates secure password policies. Make sure you enforce policies to ensure that the passwords are unique, complex, and are never reused or shared. Knowing how to identify stolen credentials will help your business stay safe from hacks.


Tracking user behavior is important in today’s growing network. By creating a reliable UAM system, you’ll find it easier to promote productive behavior while helping other teammates who seem to fall behind.

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