Creating your own Flipbook using ePageCreator

ePages are digital / electronic pages that can be viewed on almost any modern digital device, like an iPhone, Android Device, Windows or even Mac computer. Some modern Smart Televisions even support it!

By using Flipbook from ePageCreator you can easily create your own flipbook, with images, pdfs and so on. ePageCreator can be downloaded from their website


ePageCreator comes with quite some functions. In the end, it’s a sort of combining program, by using images, PDFs, buttons, video’s, links and much more you can create your own eBook, Video or HTML output from already existing media.

You can, for example, add a bunch of pictures you made and then add a table of contents and easily create an eBook that your friends can open on their Kindle, Ipad or any other device (we will talk about export possibilities later).


By adding video’s you can even make your project more interactive. Viewers of the end product can watch the video if you export the project in certain file types. It offers quite a lot of features, it also converts your video to a suitable video format for most devices. You can also add Youtube videos to your project.

Adding PDFs

You can even add complete pdf’s, in that way you can bundle multiple PDF files into one big pdf file. By adding you own images and other rich media you can make quite a good looking eBook for reading on your devices or sharing with friends.

Adding Images

You can add your own images to the flipbook, allowing you to create a gallery of for example vacation pictures and other things. Your imagination is the only limit you have while creating your ebook. We, however, do miss image effects, you cannot easily add cool effects to your images, you will have to pre-process the images before adding them to your flipbook. While it’s a missed chance it’s not a huge issue for us.

Adding images to your flipbook
Adding images to your flipbook


You can save the flipbooks you created using ePageCreator in multiple formats, their own format which can be later opened to modify the flipbook. However, you can also publish it in other media types.

ePageCreator supports publishing in HTML5. Using this option anyone can view the flipbook without having to install any other third-party software on the web. Even on mobile phones.

Next to saving in HTML5 format the application supports creating Stand-Alone Executable files for Windows and for Mac (so .exe and .app).

However, even better it supports saving your flipbook in eBook format! You can save it in ePub which can be opened on any decent ebook reader or in .mobi for kindle devices.

Overall Score of Features

ePageCreator offers some cool features like those mentioned above and those work quite well, actually, they work perfectly. On features, the program scores an 8.5 out of 10. While they work quite well we really do miss some more modern features like page effects, image effects and so on. However the features that are built-in the application work good.


The design of the program is somewhat old-fashioned, it works but it really could use a more modern feel. Especially for these kinds of programs which normally look as nice as the results they price. The design is a bit Windows 98 and extremely simple. It works however it’s… nothing special.

Because of that the score on design will be a bit low, we really expected something more but sadly enough the design is just too old-fashioned. On design, the application scores a 5 out of 10.


Ease of Use

ePageCreator is quite easy in use for all basic tasks, with just a couple of small steps you can create wonderful looking eBooks. However for the more advanced functions, the ease of use is a completely different story, options are incredibly hard to find and badly documented, it took me quite some time to get familiar with the software. However in all fairness once you are used to the application it does work quite well. So the learning curve while high is doable and once you got the hang of it, it works well. Therefore, I would score the ease of use of this program a 6 out of 10. It could be really improved but in the end, it’s not all that bad.

Quick Start is really quick
Quick Start is really quick

However when using the application more we discovered that there were a ton of tutorials available on their website. While we would have loved that they were build into ePageCreator we do think that this is a good compromise.

However in all fairness once you are used to the application it does work quite well. So the learning curve while high is doable and once you got the hang of it, it works well. Therefore, I would score the ease of use of this program a 6.5 out of 10. It could be really improved but in the end, it’s not all that bad.



I wasn’t really impressed by what ePageCreator could do while it has some great features when creating your ePage it doesn’t always work flawlessly. When using large pictures it simply gets stuck in a loading loop, video’s are not always played correctly and new youtube URLs seem to be causing some issues. However once I got the hang of the interface and used some lower quality images than those of my DSLR it seemed to work perfectly. Therefore, we scored the features an 8.5 out of 10. However like I said the design is really outdated and could use a refreshment and therefore scores a 5 out of 10. The ease of use could be a lot better however they did include a small tutorial at the start of the program, therefore, it scores a 6.6 out of 10. Making the final score a 6 out of 10 making the final verdict of ePageCreator: Fair.

Disclaimer: WindowsInstructed got paid for this review. However the opinions in this review are those of WindowsInstructed.

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