Crystal Security Review

Crystal Security is known to be built from the ground up to perform as the best add-on software for scanning for malware and other unwanted programs. It is easy to use for the average pc user.

We’ve tested Crystal Security, and we must say we loved it.


Crystal Security has a robust anti malware detection and removal capabilities. Using it’s cloud based security and the data it uses from millions of users keeps it’s protection up to date for the latest threats. The free application has a friendly user interface and options for manual or automatic updates. Also it has multi language support.

Cyber Security offers something that many other free solutions lack, the support for Real-Time protection. Which makes sure that you are safe from malicious things as long as Real-Time Protection is turned on.

Crystal Security also provides a portable version, which can be runned without being installed, making the program excellent for using when your infected.


The design has a nice a clean design and very organized which makes it easy to use. The color scheme of the design, the green,  is very pleasing to the eye, even when it’s getting late. The font’s are really good to read making the design very good, simple but good.

Ease of Use

Crystal Security very easy to use and is suitable for the average pc user. It has multi-language support which makes it especially easy for users from around the world to use it. Cyber Security itself has a very good performance with next to zero resource consumption it leaves almost no footprint on your computer, next to that, the application starts in a Heartbeat.

The menu’s are easy to navigate and features can be found quickly, nothing is made too fancy.


Crystal Security is an excellent add-on program for your pc. Easy user interface and is light on resources as it only uses 52 mbs of ram. I would recommend this program to keep unwanted programs and applications from being installed on your pc.

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