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DearMob Giveaway: Perhaps the Easiest Way to Backup iPhone without iTunes?

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All apple product owners know iTunes and it’s advantages and disadvantages. Some advantages are the easy update of your devices and the cloning of them. However some disadvantages might not be clear to everyone but there are a few. For example iTunes only supports “All or nothing” iPhone backup and you cannot use iCloud to backup only certain photos, contacts or messages. And they both cannot backup the iPhone files you downloaded online or imported from computer. Tools like DearMob iPhone Manager which we are going to discuss in this article help no matter what you want. It supports selective backup of specific iPhones files or even full backups. It also supports backups for purchased items like books, movies and music.

In this article we will show you how to back up your entire iPhone and restore it completely and how to selectively backup and restore iPhone files. With DearMob iPhone Manager for Windows. Perhaps good to know, they giving their licenses away for free for a limited time only.

How do you make an full backup of your iPhone?

The first few steps are quite normal and we will not be discussing them really. You need to connect your phone and click on “Trust this computer” on your iPhone. Once you’ve done that it’s time to start DearMob iPhone Manager.

Once you’ve started the program you simply click on Back Up Now and the process will start. We do recommend you choose Encrypt your Backup if other people have access to your computer so that they cannot access your phone data in any way without the correct password. But of course that’s our suggestion.

If you ever want to restore a full backup then simply go back into the application and choose for Restore backup files. The process is very easy and quite self-explanatory

How to selectively make backups of your iPhone

But in some cases you don’t want to make a full backup of your iPhone simply because you don’t have the time for it or you just want to backup those nice pictures from your vacation. Whatever the reason might be you can use the selective backup functionality of DearMob iPhone Manager.

To do this just simply follow the steps below and we get you on the way.

First of all choose the type of file you wish to transfer for example contacts, music or videos from your iPhone. Once you’ve decided simply click the button corresponding your choice.

For example if you’ve choosen pictures you will be able to select all the pictures you wish to backup to your computer by simply clicking them and then choosing sync. (For privacy reasons we used a stock image from the website of the publisher)


DearMob is really a good solution to backup and also restore your iPhone without jailbreaking the device. We do believe that especially the selective backup (which iTunes does not support) makes this tool better than iTunes or iCloud for making copies of your phone and restoring them. And you can get the latest version for free in a limited time:

About DearMob (by the publisher):

DearMob is led by its innovative tagline products including: their free 5KPlayer, DearMob iPhone Manager, Free iPhone Photo Manager, free iPhone Music Manager, etc. The brand is ready to enable more dynamic growth with compact and competitive products for Mac/Windows/iOS/Android users in the near future.

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