Difference Between Verification and Validation

Before we head into difference between Verification and Validation, we need to understand that what is Verification and what is Validation. After we have finished understanding both via definitions, I will let you know what importance of Verification and Validation in software testing. Our final job will be to get a clear difference between both of the entities. Let us start with definition of Verification first:

Verification relies on reviews and non-executable methods to ensure that system is following organizational standards and processes. System can include software, hardware, personnel etc.

Validation follows series of tests (observed & evaluated) done by system functions to ensure that system is operating as per plan.

Now that we have definitions of Verification and Validation, now it is time to understand where we need to perform Verification. I am going to list few areas where we need to perform Verification:

  • Business & Functional Requirement Area
  • Design Area
  • Code Area
  • Test Plan Internal Area
  • Test Plan External Area
  • Test Documentation Area

Validation on the other hand is directly involved with product. Techniques used for validation are given below:

  • Unit Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • System Testing
  • Integration Testing

Now it is time to make a difference between Verification and Validation:

  • You can not involve verification in product directly.
  • On the other hand product is needed to conduct validation.
  • Verification is done mainly on documents which will present complete document system.
  • Testers are not involved in Verification and Validation.
  • Developers will need to perform verification and validation which also includes other team members.

Since we are about sum up everything, we need to clear that why we need to understand difference between Verification and Validation:

  • Verification and Validation are fundamental QA concepts.
  • Verification and Validation are common interview questions.
  • If you will follow some syllabus you will understand there good amount of chapters covering Verification and Validation
  • Testers should be expert in Verification and Validation

Like I have stated above Verification and Validation both are part of fundamental QA concepts and they are also part of common interview questions as well. People willing to join a software testing company offering different software testing services like functional testing services, automation testing services, security testing services, performance testing services etc ,should understand concept of varification and validation clearly. On the other hand you can also join software testing forums to brainstorm your ideology for both.

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