Display Link Driver For Windows 10

DisplayLink is the solution if you’re looking for software that can help you connect two or more computers. All current versions of Windows 10 include full support for DisplayLink technology (Intel and AMD CPUs). The DisplayLink driver for Windows 10 was modified in the year 2016. This has altered the behavior and techniques of installation.

It is now extremely common to use two or more monitors to extend your Windows screen. DisplayLink products are the most popular among users. It is recommended that you keep your DisplayLink driver up to date in order for DisplayLink USB graphics to function with Windows 10.

Display Link Driver For Windows 10

DisplayLink is a graphics transportation technology that enables users to connect any monitor to any computer with USB or WiFi capability. It’s also a terrific universal docking option for any platform, which makes it ideal for supporting multiple displays. DisplayLink is a software and semiconductor technology for connecting several computers and displays via Ethernet, USB and WIFI. 

However, DisplayLink, like other software, is causing problems for its users, as it has stopped working with Windows 10 and users are unable to connect their computers.

Since Windows Continuum enables apps to widen the scope of phones, tablets, and PC notebooks. DisplayLink has revealed complete support for the newest Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, as well as the ability to extend superior monitor resolution support for a comprehensive desktop experience across all platforms. 

In addition to the early Windows 10 programme, DisplayLink released Windows 10 beta drivers, and the Windows 10 release was also provided with V7.9 production drivers. The most recent Windows 10 drivers are available for free download on DisplayLink’s website.

IT departments that deploy DisplayLink aided docking stations can enable genuine BYOD expansion by providing both forward and backward suitable connectivity, spanning both existing computers with USB-Standard-A connectors and new technologies with Type-C connectors. The same experience will be provided by DisplayLink-based 60GHz 802.11ad WiGig docks and 802.11ac WiFi docks through the use of handy wireless connections.

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What Has Been Altered In The DisplayLink Driver For Windows 10?

DisplayLink partnered with Microsoft to add USB graphics functionality to the Windows graphics framework. Microsoft and DisplayLink have devised a new interface for USB screens. This has been part of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update since August 2016.

On Windows 10 Anniversary Update 2016 and later, the DisplayLink software makes use of the new native DisplayLink USB graphics support to provide backward compatibility with Windows. Windows 10 Threshold and previous OS versions are unaffected.

Windows Update will instal V8.0 or later on Windows 10 Anniversary Update. When you run the DisplayLink installer from the DisplayLink webpage, it will also instal the appropriate driver for your Windows 10 version.

On Windows 10 Anniversary Update and newer, DO NOT try installing DisplayLink driver 7.9. When using a Redstone build, you should also avoid installing DisplayLink Win7-10TH2.msi. Changes to the Windows driver model may help stop your computer from booting!

Why Isn’t My DisplayLink Working?

There are a number of possible reasons why Windows 10 DisplayLink isn’t working. Take a look at a few of the causes mentioned below.

  • The driver for the Displaylink device becomes corrupted.
  • DisplayLink was inadvertently upgraded with an incompatible driver via Windows Update.
  • USB 2.0 port is plugged in.
  • DisplayLink and Nvidia share are incompatible.
  • The controller for the Universal Serial Bus (USB) has failed.

So now you know why DisplayLink isn’t working, and the most common cause of this problem is DisplayLink driver not working Windows 10, you can fix it.

Before proceeding to the fixes, learn about the issues that users have encountered when attempting to connect the DisplayLink to Windows 10 and how to resolve them.

How Do You Fix The DisplayLink Windows 10 Not Working Problem?

If you’re having trouble with your DisplayLink driver, this article will walk you through a series of effective troubleshooting steps. Below is a list of solutions that some users in a similar predicament have used to regain normal functionality.

Start with the very first method and work your way down to the others in the order they are displayed for the best results. Because the prospective fixes are listed in order of efficacy and intensity, you should be able to find an effective solution before you’re finished. Let’s get started!

Method 1: Using the Troubleshooter for Hardware and Devices

Let’s start by making sure Windows isn’t capable of automatically resolving the problem. The Devices and Hardware troubleshooter is a constructed utility that scans your system for any connected inconsistencies and applies various repair strategies based on the issue found.

Here’s how to use the Windows Devices and Hardware troubleshooter quickly:

  • To open a Run box, press Windows key + R. Then type “ms-settings:troubleshoot” and click Enter to open the Settings app’s Troubleshooting tab.
  • Scroll down to Find and fix other issues within the Troubleshooting tab. To start the troubleshooter, go to the Hardware and Devices section and then to Run the Troubleshooter.
  • Wait until the initial scan is finished before clicking Apply this fix if any feasible repair strategies are found. Obey the on-screen prompts to finish the repair if more steps are required.
  • Close the troubleshooter and restart your computer once the process is finished. Check to see if the problem has been resolved at the next startup.
  • Continue towards the next method below if your DisplayLink device is still not working.

Method 2: Disconnect the docking station and uninstall DisplayLink.

Let’s keep going by uninstalling the DisplayLink application. You can force the DisplayLink software to be reinstalled by removing all traces of the programme and reconnecting the software. If the error was caused by a faulty setup or a corrupted driver file, following these steps should be sufficient to resolve the problem.

Some users in a similar predicament have reported that uninstalling the driver from Programs and Features and forcing a reinstallation fixed the problem. Here’s how to do it:

  • Unplug the docking station and any additional DisplayLink-enabled devices.
  • To launch a Run box, press Windows key + R. Then, to enter the Programs and Features box, type “appwiz.cpl” and press Enter.
  • Go through the application list in the Programs and Features box, right-click on the DisplayLink driver, and choose Uninstall.
  • To uninstall the Display Link driver, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Download and instal DisplayLink Installation Cleaner from this website (here). Then, using this programme, uninstall the DisplayLink driver completely and restart your computer.
  • Reconnect your docking station (or any other DisplayLink-enabled equipment) and follow the on-screen directions to reload the appropriate drivers at the next launch.
  • Restart your computer and see if the problem has been addressed the next time it boots up.

If the problem still persists, move on to the next procedure listed below.


DisplayLink’s service relies upon Windows, and customers all over the world have come to expect Microsoft OS releases to arrive at the same time. With Microsoft’s announcement of Windows 10’s rollout to the production, the beta programme enabled DisplayLink partners confidently proclaim complete Windows 10 support straight away.

Windows 10 laptops, tablets, and phones can connect and dock to enterprise networks using DisplayLink’s docking remedies over both wired and wireless connections, giving users a full multi-monitor workspace experience. 

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