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Download Torrent Files With IDM – Torrent to IDM

Hello Friends,

Today i am going to explain the various strategies to download torrents using IDM – Internet Download Manager i.e. Torrent to IDM.

As we all know torrents are mostly used to download big file. It give more facility like resume capacity but the main drawback of it is “the speed”. Some time it give a very low speed because of low seeders. But now do not worry at all. We have the trick to download torrent with IDM i.e. Torrent to IDM.

[symple_box color=”red” fade_in=”false” float=”center” text_align=”left” width=””]WindowsInstructed wants to warn you that it’s illegal in most countries to download movies, music, games and or other products and or services with torrents without the permission of the author(s) and the publishing companies. This guide is solely for the intent to download free-to-play games, community programs or any content that is not copyright product. WindowsInstructed, it’s members and staff distance ourselves from illegal downloading and we condemn it. [/symple_box]
 Torrent is small file with .torrent extension that allows one to download a lot of files. We work with torrents to download numerous items such as videos, games, software program and lots of various items. You’ll send torrents from a number of internet site. The send rate for torrents depends upon seeds they have. It would make complex for someone to download docs with minimal or zero seed counts.



However with the help of this trick you’ll be capable to download torrent file with IDM. This tool may be really helpfull if you want to download file which has minimal seeds. IDM is the fastest file transfer manager on the web industry. Therefore lets start!


How To Download Torrent Files With IDM

1. ZBIGZ – Torrents to IDM

First of all you are required to download torrent file. Some of most famous torrents site are, isohunt etc.

Steps to Download FIle From Torrent to IDM Using ZBIGZ:

  • Open the site and land to its homepage
  • There you can see an option of upload torrent. Click on it and upload your .torrent file then click on GO.
  • You will have to wait for some time. It takes a time to cache your file.
  • Now when caching of your file being done, click on the button “Transfer” to download the file.
  • IDM – Internet Download Manager must be installed in your system.
  • Now your torrent file will be downloaded via IDM i.e Torrent to IDM

If you don’t have IDM – Internet Download Manager installed in your system don’t worry, it will be downloaded directly via browser’s default download manager


“boxopus downloads torrents for you and puts into private space”


It is also one of the great alternatives to ZBIGZ. It provides high speed compare to Zbigz.

It gives the facility to download the content directly to your dropbox account.

It is 100% free, doesn’t include any premium features.

Steps to Download Torrent Using IDM From BOXOPUS:

  • Go to
  • Register using your email address or sign in with Facebook.
  • Click on browse and upload your torrent file to BOXOPUS
  • Now boxopus will cache your file, you will have to wait for sometime.
  • When it get done with caching, you will get direct link of your file.
  • Click on it and download it via IDM – Internet Download Manager (Torrents to IDM)


Putdrive also gives the facility to download torrent with IDM.

The space for one particlur account is 10GB.


Steps How to download torrent files with idm using PUTDRIVE – Torrents to IDM:

  • Go to
  • Register an account
  • Upload your torrent
  • Wait for a time to cache it
  • Once cached, it will give you a direct link
  • Click on it and download it via IDM

The above given list is the best list for downloading files from torrent to IDM
If you know any other site or software, please let us know. We will share it with our Viewers


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