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DVD to AVI | How to Convert DVD to AVI with Free DVD Ripper

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen movies on DVDs but that doesn’t mean you don’t have them laying around in your house anymore. Perhaps you have some family movies on DVD which you would love to transfer to your computer / NAS or other storage device and back them up in the cloud. In this article we are going to take a look at Digiarty DVD to AVI converter with their Free DVD ripping program. Yes, you read that correctly, a free dvd ripping product from WinXDVD.

Converting your DVD to AVI step by step using Digiarty DVD to AVI convertor.

First of all we have to rectify the program name for you. It does also support outputting to other video formats. While the name might suggest you can only convert to AVI you can also convert to MP4, MOV and so on. Even better there are profiles for outputting to your Android, Apple or other devices.

First step: choosing your DVD / ISO / DVD Folder

The program is quite easy in use. You first select which kind of media you have. You can use a DVD or iso (what’s an iso?) or video folder of a DVD you have as input for the program. WinX DVD Ripper supports a wide range of DVDs: old scratched, homemade, commercial DVDs (consult your local laws), etc. Once you selected that you can choose the output variant you want.

Second step: choosing the output format as AVI

We’ve chosen AVI output for this example. You can also choose MP4, MPEG, MKV, MOV, FLV, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc as the output format. So once the DVD has been loaded (or in our case an ISO of a commercial-free and royalty-free movie) the converting begins. Depending on your hardware the program is able to use your video card for faster converting.

Tirth step: Waiting for the conversion to complete

Time for some or something else to kill the time. Depending on your hardware, movie length, movie quality (DVD/ bluray) this progress could be very fast or could take some time. However Digiarty DVD to AVI converter can’t do anything about it. They are already using hardware acceleration in their program.

Fourth step: Finishing DVD to AVI ripping.

After a while the program should finished and your DVD should have been “ripped” as they like to call it. Overall the process was very easy and best of all; the program is entirely free to use, so get your copy of this free dvd ripper today.


We would however remind you to check your local laws on ripping copyrighted material, it’s not allowed in our country and therefore we used an royalty and commercial free movie.

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