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Losing precious memories is something terrible and while we suggest you always make backups of things like family pictures, documents and other important files that advice might be to late. We’ve reviewed some file recovery software before like Review: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Premium, WonderShare Data Recovery, Disk Drill for Windows and so much more

However in this review we are going to take a look at EaseUS Photo Recovery especially designed to recover lost pictures on your computer. We will review this like any other data recovery software


After installing the program we discovered it’s simply the same program as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and that they have multiple pages for the same product. However I don’t mind that, whats important is it’s ability to restore my files. Let’s put that to a test.

Test Run Removed Pictures Recovered (Undamaged)
1 104 104
2 84 79
3 247 181

In test run 1 we simply removed the pictures from the hard disk and did nothing else, we immediately ran the program and recovered all pictures in good condition.

In test run 2 we removed the pictures from the hard disk and continued our normal work for about an hour. We than started the recovery process. While some pictures are gone, most are still recoverable.

In test run 3 we removed the pictures from the hard disk and played a game of Overwatch and updated Windows. After that we watched a movie and then started the recovery process. This is a more real life scenario. With 181 photo’s recovered of the 247 we can be very happy with the results.

EaseUS also posted a couple of scenarios on their website of things that can happen and where EaseUS Photo Recovery might be able to help

  • Image Recovery after corruption due to the card being pulled out while the camera is on.
  • Photo Recovery after corruption due to turning the camera off during a write process.
  • Digital Media Recovery after Formatting of the digital storage media.

Always make sure if you accidently format your memory card to immediately start the recovery process to achieve the best result.


We are not used to applications designed the way this program is, many applications we’ve reviewed before looked old and outdated. The installer of EaseUS might be outdated the rest most certainly is not. I’m not saying it fits into the current Windows 10 design but still it does look very good. The color choices are good and everything is easily readable by choice they made.

Ease of use

Recovery programs must be simple to use by anyone. Because most people who use these programs are not those that make backups of thgeir systems. simply because they don’t know things can go wrong or they simply don’t have the technical skills to make them.

Installing recovery programs like EaseUS Data Recovery can result in more data loss, because it will overwrite remainders of your lost data if you set it up on the same disk where the files were. Luckily EaseUS developers knew this and placed a notice in the installer.

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