Explained: What is “Vulcan” Run Time Libraries?

A common question recently around the web is “What is “Vulcan” Run Time Libraries?”. Many people have reported that it suddenly appeared on their computer and they have no idea where it comes from. Like many computer users know, when software randomly appears on your computer it could be a sign of Malware.

However, Vulcan Run Time Libraries is installed by the Nvidia. Most likely when you recently upgraded your video card drivers or installed fresh drivers it got installed. It’s a similar to DirectX and OpenGL, however, a new technology.

Vulcan Run Time Libraries is published by LunarG. Inc.

Information about Vulcan Run Time Libraries

icon-bug Malware: No.

icon-shield Potential Security Risk: Very Low

icon-building Publisher: LunarG. Inc.

icon-desktop  Source: Nvidia Installer or Updater.


If you wish to learn more about Vulcan from LunarG then visit their product page here. We hope this article explained what Vulcan is, and that you now know that it poses no security risk and is not malware. If you, however, have more questions about Vulcan and what the Vulcan Run Time Libraries are then feel free to visit our forums where we will assist you for free personally. Thank you for reading WindowsInstructed


  • Rom August 31, 2018

    I have a Redeon graphics card in my pc, so it might be worth mentioning that for them too.

  • Carlo May 25, 2017

    I do not own an Nvidia/GeForce Graphics card. On other hand, I have an AMD Radeon Graphics card installed on my computer ever since. So how it is possible that Vulcan Runtime Library got into my computer if its from Nvidia? I’m confused..

  • Oscar June 9, 2016

    I have two versions of this “vulcan” software.
    is it necessary to have both? or last version is enough?
    thanks in advance

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