How to Extract Emails, Contacts, Calendar from Office 365 – Step by Step


Microsoft Office 365 is the famous web-based program, which stores its emails, contacts, calendars, etc. in the cloud. These data can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. However, Office 365 mailboxes, calendars, and contacts play a very important role in any organization. It may contain lots of crucial emails, appointments, contact information, etc. But, being an internet service, Office 365 data items are prone to be hacked or damaged due to different reasons like masquerading, corruption, hacking, virus attack, etc. Therefore, in order to prevent data items from corruption, a user should extract emails, contacts, calendars from Office 365 and save it as a backup in the PST format. So, in this write-up, we are going to tell you the perfect solution to extract emails, contacts and calendar from Office 365 to PST using Office 365 Extractor and manually. First, let’s have a look at a user’s query to understand clearly the need for extraction.

I am an Office 365 user and I have a lot of important emails, appointments, and contacts saved in my account. But now due to some personal issues, I do not want use Office 365 anymore. So, I need to transfer my all crucial data into some other desktop based email application. Can anyone please suggest me a reliable and best way to extract mailbox emails, calendar and contacts from Office 365 to PST format?”

How to Extract Office 365 Emails, Calendars, & Contacts?

To extract emails, contacts and calendars from Office 365, you can use the Office 365 Export tool. This is the best solution that ensures the complete migration of Office 365 mailbox items into PST format without facing any problem. According to extraction experts, this automatic solution is simple and effective for every user. However, Office 365 migration is done by either using Admin Account or without using Admin Account. There are some steps given below, which will help you to understand the working of Office 365 Extractor in a simple way.

Step-1: First of all, launch the Office 365 Export tool and click on the Login button.

Step-2: Then, enter all the credentials for office 365 account and if you want to use admin account then click on the checkbox Is Admin then click on the Sign in button.

Step-3: After that, choose the radio button next to the Microsoft Outlook (PST) option.

Step-4: Now, select the checkbox next to the Split Options for Outlook data file to select the size of PST file.

Step-4 (a): Extract Emails From Office 365 to PST Format

  • To extract only emails, select the Mails option. You can also apply the Date filter to click on the Set option.

  • Now, provide the date range and click on OK button.

Step-4 (b): Extract Calendar From Office 365 to PST Format

  • Next, choose the Calendars option to export calendar from Office 365 to PST. Then, select the date filter option and click on the Set button.

  • Now, provide the date range & click on the OK button.

Step-4 (c): Extract Contacts From Office 365 to PST Format

  • In this step, select Contacts option to add the contact list in the export process.

Step-5: After selecting desired mailbox items (emails, contacts, and calendars) click on the Browse button to choose the destination location for saving PST files. Then, click on the Start button to start the extraction process.

Step-6: After clicking on “Start”, the Extracting of Office 365 data will begin. You can see “Status” in bottom-right.

Step-7: After completion, click on “Save Report”.

Manual Method to Extract Office 365 Mailboxes to PST Format

If you want to extract emails, contacts, and calendar from Office 365 account to PST manually, then you can use these three inbuilt solution that will help you to migrate all O365 crucial data items into PST format:

But, these manual methods are very lengthy. Users might make mistakes due to less technical knowledge and also the accuracy will not be maintained during the extraction. Meanwhile, you may lose your important Office 365 data items, contacts, calendars etc. during these manual procedures. Thus, to overcome the limitations of the manual methods, it is recommended to use Office 365 Extract PST tool for reliable and smooth conversion.

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