How to Extract iPhone Data from Backup

May be you are you inquisitive and interested to know what’s inside your iPhone backup file when you last copied your iPhone data using iTunes or iCloud. You are not the only one who is curious to discover what does your iPhone backup file contains. The technology and computer forums are filled with these kind of queries that makes thrilled about the idea. The only problem is these backup files are mere read-only databases which means they cannot be opened by any default application on your computer.

But never get to depressed as we have solutions to all these tricky issues and in this short tutorial, we will demonstrate briefly how to extract data from these backup files.

Why extract iPhone Data from Backup Files?

There are myriad of reasons to extract data from your iPhone backup file. We will list down few of them to understand its importance.

  1. To extract all old and precious data that you thought you’ve lost in the past.
  2. To recover the memorable pictures and videos that you have filmed and assumed you misplaced them.
  3. To restore the crucial and important messages that you received from your dear loved ones, colleagues reminder, bank statements, medical records, etc.
  4. To keep a backup of all the files on your computer as an extra precaution.
  5. To export all the critical files from your iTunes and iCloud backup files.

And various other reasons that might be personal. Truth to be told, these backup files are totally unreadable and you must use an external software to extract data from iPhone backup files. And in this tutorial we will be using iPhone Backup Extractor by iSeePassword to extract all data from your iPhone backup files as well as iTunes and iCloud. However, there are some other complex ways to recover your data from backup files as well. Keep on reading how to achieve that.

Method #1: Using iTunes Program

Most Apple users are familiar with iTunes, it is an amazing program that helps to store an entire backup of your backup on their server so that later you can download and restore data from. We will take that to our benefit and extract data using this software.

Step 1. Launch iTunes on your computer that you previously used to back up your device.

Step 2. Connect your device to computer using a USB data cable and let the computer detect your phone. You may need to enter the passcode if your device is protected with it to run everything perfectly.

Step 3. Select your device name from the iTunes program and click on “Restore Backup” option.

Step 4. Find the latest backup file and click on “Restore”. It may take several minutes depending on the size of the backup file.

Step 5. That’s it. You may now check your phone to discover all files and data are extracted from the iTunes back up to your phone.

Tip: Keep your phone connected to the computer until the restoration process is completed to avoid any interruption.

Pros –

  1. All data from the old iTunes backup file will be extracted.
  2. ITunes is freely available on the internet.

Cons –

  1. All your current data will be deleted and over-written by the files present on your iTunes backup.
  2. Will not let you preview any data before restoring.
  3. Cannot restore selected files from the iTunes backup.
  4. Only supported with latest iTunes version.


Method 2: Extract iPhone Data by Using iClouds.

ICloud is yet another cloud service offered by Apple to its users. It is very similar to iTunes when it comes to backup and restore files. We will use this service to extract data from iPhone backup file to your phone. The effectiveness is quite similar to iTunes, so if you are looking for a better method then skip to the next one.

Step 1. Turn on your device after factory resetting it and wait until the Apple logo appears.

Step 2. Follow the setup instruction provided by Apple and on the home screen tap on “Restore from iCloud Backup”.

Step 3. Login to your iCloud using your account credentials.

Step 4. Select a backup and try to find the most relevant file from which you want to restore data from.

Step 5. Finally click on “Restore” to extract all the data from your iCloud to the phone. This may take several minutes, it is recommended to keep your phone turned on while the process is taking place.

Pros –

  1. All information from the iCloud backup file will be exposed.
  2. You will be able to access all the files from old backup.

Cons –

  1. You must factory reset your phone for this method to work.
  2. All current data will be erased as soon you factory reset your phone.
  3. No option to preview data before extracting.
  4. You won’t be able to restore any file manually.

Method #3: Extract Data by Using iSeePassword iPhone Data Extractor

iSeePassword iPhone Data Extractor is by far the best and effective program that helps to extract all data from iPhone backup file as well as iTunes and iCloud backup files. It will let you preview all data before recovering them and gives you the ability to restore only selected files which makes it easier to save some room on your device. It is designed very sophisticatedly which seems very desirable for both novice and expert users. It is compatible with all Apple devices including iPhone/iPod/iPad to give you uttermost flexibility to control all Apple devices.

Why choose iSeePassword iPhone Data Extractor?

  1. Extract data from iPhone and iTunes/iCloud backup.
  2. It offers several method to extract data from backup.
  3. Its elegant design makes it super easy to use.
  4. Extract data from backup file with just few clicks on your mouse.
  5. Fully compatible with all iOS versions.
  6. Supported in both Windows and Mac computers.
  7. Dedicated staff support to help you with any issue.

Advantages of using iSeePassword iPhone Data Extractor

  • Very powerful program that manages all iOS content inside an iPhone and iTunes/iCloud backup file.
  • Extract all kind of data including messages, music, videos, contacts, calendar, notes, WhatsApp chat history, and WeChat history and so on.
  • Extract lost and deleted data from iTunes and iCloud backup, even if it is encrypted.
  • Exported data can be fully stored on the computer.
  • Preview data before extracting them.
  • Gallery preview option available which makes it easier to navigate through each folders.
  • Gives you the ability to export only selected files manually.
  • Free to use.

Disadvantages of using iSeePassword iPhone Data Extractor

It offers free to scan but you must upgrade the program to a registered version in order to extract any data from the iPhone and iTunes/iCloud backup files. But you are still protected with a 30 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the program.

What do you require to extract data from iPhone backup?

  1. The iOS device.
  2. An old backup file from iTunes or iCloud.
  3. iSeePassword iPhone Data Extractor program.
  4. Some patience.

How to use iSeePassword iPhone Backup Extractor?

The program is pretty basic and straight-forward to use. It is quite simple even if you are using it for the first time. Simply read the following instruction and you should be able to extract all data in no time.

Part 1. Export from iOS device.

To extract data directly from your iOS device, follow these steps.

Step 1. Download the program from the official website and install in on your computer by reading the manual from the setup wizard.

Step 2. Connect your device to computer using a USB data cable and launch the program. Your device should be automatically recognized by the program but if it is your first time then you may need to grant permission and you must enter the passcode on your device to run everything smoothly.

Step 3. Click on “Export from iOS Device” from the left side panel of the program and click on “Start” to scan the entire device.

Step 4. Select the file types that you want to extract and click on “Next”.

Additional Tip: The program offers several types of data type to choose from such as messages, photos, videos, WhatsApp chat history, and note, and bookmark, calendar and so on. The options are well categorized to make it easier to choose. This is the guide on how to extract messages from iTunes backup.

Step 5. Scan the entire phone and let the program finish the progress.

Step 6. Preview the scanned data and restore the selected files on your computer. All files and folders are itemized according to their type to make easier to find each file type. It is recommended to keep your phone connected with the computer unless the export operation is completely finished.

Part 2. Extract data using iTunes

This part requires an active iTunes account or iTunes backup file to extract data from. You can use an old backup file saved on your computer as well.

Step 1. Choose “Extract from iTunes Backup” from the left pane of the program and click on “Start” to initiate the data extracting process.

Step 2. Next, choose the file types that you want to extract and click on “Next”. Same like the above part except you are performing this task using iTunes.

Step 3. Select the appropriate device name or backup file name on the next page to extract data. Make sure to choose the relevant backup file or else you might end up extracting data from wrong iTunes backup file.

Step 4. As soon the scanning process is finished, you will be able to see all the scanned files from iTunes backup file – totally ready to be exported on your computer. Select all the files that you want to export on your computer and click on “Export” to save the files on the desired output location.

If you want to export all data then simply click on “Select all” from the middle column to save some time.


Part 3. Extract iPhone Data Using iCloud Backup

You must have your iCloud login credentials ready with you in order to proceed with this part. You don’t need to connect your device to computer for this method. Even you can choose a downloaded backup file to run everything flawlessly.

Step 1. Launch the program and this time select “Extract from iCloud Backup” from the left sidebar to begin the data extracting operation.

Step 2. Enter your iCloud account login credentials followed by “Sign in”.

Step 3. Now, search for the relevant backup file and click on download to start extracting files from the downloaded iCloud backup file.

Step 4. Let the program analyze the entire iCloud backup file and as soon it is done, it should display all the files contained on the iCloud backup file.

Now, select each and every data and click on “Export” to save the information on your computer.

That’s all. This is exactly how easy it is to use iSeePassword iPhone Backup Extractor.


iSeePassword iPhone Backup Extractor has always succeeded in extracting files from iPhone and iTunes or iCloud back up files. The procedure to use this program is pretty smooth and no technical skills are required to execute this program. It is totally compatible with all the versions of iOS versions as well as it works in any Windows or Mac computer and laptop. The program offers to scan your backup for free but if you wish to export the scanned files then you must purchase an upgraded version of the tool to use to its full benefit. It is assured that your money will be invested in a guaranteed program that never fails to do its job. And even if it did then you can always get a refund within 30 days. Customer satisfaction has been always our #1 priority and if you face any kind of trouble then don’t forget to contact our dedicated staff support.

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