FIX: 0x80070004 An error had occured and the installation of Windows 8.1 was unsuccessful

Troubleshooting and Fixing 0x80070004

0x80070004 is a common error when you attempt to install Windows 8.1 on your machine. However most common errors are easy to solve, this one is not. I will be giving you two troubleshooting steps below, however please keep in mind that these might both not work.


Step 1: Check if you’re using Symbolic LInks

If you have tweaked your Windows to redirect your user profile(s) to another drive the installation of Windows will always fail. You’ll need to restore the user profiles back to the system drive.

Please read “How to restore your user profile to your system drive” on Microsoft Support, this guide from Microsoft will help you through all the steps.

After doing that attempt to install Windows 8.1 again and see if the 0x80070004 error has gone away.

Step 2: Check for corrupted user profiles.

Error 0x80070004 might also occur if you have a corrupted user profile on your system. You can check if you have a corrupted user profile following these steps:

  1. Click the Windows button or touch the Start icon
  2. Type “System”
  3. Click on System
  4. Click on Advanced system settings
  5. Click on Settings under User Profiles
    User Profile Settings
    User Profile Settings
  6. Write down all user profiles you see there, then sign out of your account ans try to log into these accounts.

If you fail to login to one or more of these accounts, or you don’t even see one or more of these accounts, then return back to Advanced User Profile Settings and remove all accounts that were not working and/or visible (except Administrator and UpdateUser)

After doing that attempt to install Windows 8.1 again and see if the 0x80070004 error has gone away.

Step 3: Create a new Administrator

Another thing you could try is to create a new Administrator account for your computer, please see these steps:

  1. Open Command Prompt as Administrator (open Modern UI and type “cmd”. Then right-click on command prompt and choose Run as Administrator). Or press the Windows and X key at the same time and choose Command Prompt (admin)
  2. Type: net user Administrator /active: yes
  3. Reboot your system and logon using the administrator account.
  4. Create a new administrator(refer to this link on how to do that:
  5. Reboot your system and logon with the new user
  6. Try to install the Upgrade again  and see if the 0x80070004 error has gone away.

I hope you were succesful in fixing the 0x80070004 error using these steps. Please comment if you need more help.


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