Fix and Remove RUNDLL: backgroundcontainer.dll

RunDLL is a Windows file that loads all the .dll modules on your system (dll stands for Dynamic Link Library) and is a legitimate file, however it can also load malware related files. The error normally occurs when the dll file was set to run at startup or as a task at a later time and the module itself has been removed already by your Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware software. However the registry entry telling Windows to load the file is still left, since Windows fails to load the file (since its been deleted already).


Troubleshooting the backgroundcontainer.dll problem

The problem is quite easy to solve, and I will walk you through the steps.

  1. Go to this link, and download, and extract Autoruns
  2. Right-click Autoruns.exe and click on Run As Administrator
  3. Wait a couple of minutes for all entriesto be populated, when it’s done, there will be message saying Ready inthestatusbar
  4. In the top bar click on File and click on Search
  5. Typ the file name backgroundcontainer.dll) and click Find Next
  6. If found, right-click the entry and choose delete.

When you deleted all the results, exit and reboot your computer, the problem should now be gone.

[alert-note]I strongly advice you to download and install MalwareBytes and let it execute a full scan to make sure all the remain are gone. Malwarebytes is a free program, but also offers a paid version, there is no need for the paid version.[/alert-note]

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