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FIX: BSvc processor has stopped working, please close the program

The error “BSvc processor has stopped working, please close the program” has been linked to be caused by the Bing Bar in some cases, we weren’t able to confirm this, but since the high number of people calling this a solution, we would like to share it with you. This problems seems to be occurring on Windows 7 and Windows Vista for some users.

However It origin might be a System Utilities program. Therefor we suggest you remove that program first.

Remove any PC Optimalization and Utilities programs.

1. Open Control Panel

2. Click on Programs

Control Panel: Programs
Control Panel: Programs

3. Click on Uninstall a Program

Now go trough the list, and remove any program designed to tweak, optimize or provide system tools. After that, reboot your computer and check if the error still occurs, if it does, then continue with the next step.

Remove the BING Bar from your computer

Another cause for this error (BSvc processor has stopped working, please close the program), is like we said in the beginning of the article, the bing bar. We suggest you repeat the steps from the previous article, and remove the Bing Bar.

After you removed the Bing Bar, reboot your machine and look if the error occurs again, if it does then continue with the next step.


Clean Boot your Device

Make sure that no other services are causing this issue (BSvc processor has stopped working, please close the program), we suggest you clean boot your device. You can do that reading this guide. The guide is designed for Windows 10, however the steps are still the same for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

After completing the guide, reboot your device and see if the problem still occurs. If it does then make sure your computer is not infected with malware.


Make Sure your Device is not Infected

We are not very sure where this problem (BSvc processor has stopped working, please close the program) comes from, and can’t find it on the web, we only found programs that might cause the error like Bing Bar. Therefor I suggest you run a full anti-malware scan on your system to be sure your not infected with any nasty software. You can find a selection of excellent programs to run here

1. Download MalwareBytes from the original website

2. Install the MalwareBytes and then, if it asks, update the program.

3. After the program is installed and updated if necessary, run a scan by clicking on Scan Now

4. Wait for the scan to complete, depending on your system it’s performance this can take several minutes to hours.

5. Remove the infections from your system by following the steps given by MalwareBytes and then reboot your system.



We would like to hear, if this guide helped you! If you need more help feel free to visit our forums



  • NJR March 4, 2017

    tdiehl’s December 10, 2015 at 7:40 pm recommeded solution stopped “BSvc processor has stopped working, please close the program” on my computer running Window’s VIsta. Thank you tdiehl.

  • Diana January 25, 2016

    I think this problem has been created in order to sell us malware and/or security programs. Most unhappy with pop-up.

  • tdiehl December 10, 2015

    I didn’t have a Bing bar on my explorer screen. I didn’t see it listed in control panel for programs to uninstall. But I could see that it was executing in task manager, right clicked it, and found the location of the executable. I ended the process in task manager, then went and deleted the executable(s) and the folder they were in. The pop-up has not come again since.

  • Most visit September 22, 2015

    I have been trying to search out how to fix this last two weeks. It’s very useful form laptop repairing to give clue how to fix it.

  • Terry Dills June 3, 2015

    I only recieved this after installing skype. I did a restore and the problem went away.
    I installed skype again and it happened again, so I tried to restore again and
    somehow it was corrupted and windows slowed and got real jerky. It only got
    better after I reinstalled Firefox.. now I am back to the original Bsvc problem.

    • James September 10, 2015

      If I could find the asshole who invented the BSvc processor, I swear I would strangle him/her. My problem started with downloading Skype 2 months ago and I have been stuck with this annoying problem ever since. I have followed every cure-all I have run across, but the issue still exists. And I am about to throw my laptop in the trash. Two questions: How do you recognize “optimization and utility” programs? And, is MalwareBytes a reliable program–with no side-effects? Thanks in advance , , ,

    • Yuri Pustjens September 11, 2015

      Hello James.

      Yes MalwareBytes is fine for scanning your system for malware. We recommend using it. Yes this problem can be very annoying. Does it still occur after removing Skype completely?

  • Rafat Ramsis May 29, 2015

    Dear Sir.
    I have examine the same problem and the same error message (bsvc Processoe has stopped ) and i made some changes to fix this problem so i discover the main problem in tow places 1- in the network sittings 2- when i changed the device the problem disappeared ) there is no relation between the error and viruses or windows system or bars, so try the following steps :
    1- check sittings of network
    2- check sittings of your dashboard connection
    3- check to connect with another dashboard connection
    4- remove any speed up internet software as cfos internet speeder or other speed network software
    4- reinstall your connect device software

    my respects to all

  • JB May 27, 2015

    There is literally nothing on this issue with respect to Windows 7. I have a client who’s machine is clean from a rootkit, virus, and malware standpoint. Bing Bar and Desktop have been removed. Java, Flash, and Windows are up to date. The system basically runs Office 2007, Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Skype (also up to date). The BSvcProcessor error pops up continuously as an APPCRASH. I’ve tried disabling the program in Data Execution Prevention but it will not let me. Nothing worked so far. The program reappears randomly and also as BSvcProcessor(1), meaning it appears to be replicating itself.
    This has all the earmarks of a virus, but nothing indicates this is happening. System Restore isn’t currently active on this box, so it looks like this is going to necessitate a Microsoft service call or a complete rebuild. Any other ideas?

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