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FIX: Doom has stopped Working

Doom has just been released and many people are enjoying the game, however there do seem to be some people who just can’t download or play the game because they seem to keep getting the error “Doom has stopped Working” in this article, I will try and help you solve the most common reasons for this issue.

When does this guide help you?

  • You receive Doom has stopped Working when playing the game
  • You receive Doom has stopped Working when starting the game
  • You receive Doom has stopped Working when installing the game

Let’s get Troubleshooting

Does your System meet the minimum requirements for the game?

Doom is a heavy game, and if your system was a budget computer or a computer older than 4 years, you might have to check to see if you even meet the minimum requirements. There is a good website to make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements for the game, that is Can You Run It. Visit that website here

Can You Run It: Grand Theft Auto


Does the Game work if you start Windows with only the required services?

Sometimes a program on your computer, or a service is causing this problem (Doom has stopped Working ) because it’s interacting with the game in such a way an exception occurs and the game crashes. To make sure that this is not the problem behind your game not working  we are going to disable all non-microsoft services.

1. Right-click the Windows Logo in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Or press the Windows + R key at the same time, and skip to step 3. 

2. A menu will appear, now click on, Run

3. A Window “Run” will appear, now enter “msconfig” (without quotes) and press the enter key or click on OK

Run MSConfig

4. Choose Selective Startup and make sure Load Startup Items is unchecked

Selective Start-up

5. Then click on the Services tab.

6. Check the box “Hide all Microsoft Services” and then click on Disable All

Hide and Disable Alll

7. Close MSConfig by clicking on OK, and choose to Reboot your device.

If your game now works then a Non-Microsoft service is causing the issue, you can try to enable a set of services at a time and keep testing, till you find the one who is causing this issue. If you find the one, then please do tell us.

Do you have the Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package installed?

The game requires Visual C++ 2008 SP1 and 2010 to run, it should have been installed during the installation of the game, however this can always go wrong or something got corrupted, let’s make sure you got it installed and it’s working.

Download the latest Visual C++ redistributable pack from here, Please choose the correct link for your system:

2010 and 2008

We know you only need the 2008, but install them both anyway, just to be sure, and other games do require 2010, so that makes installing them in the future faster

After installing, reboot your device and see if the game now works.

Are all your System Drivers Up To Date?

Make sure you have all the latest drivers installed on your system, drivers like the Chipset and Video Card are very important to games, make sure they are up-to-date.

You can always find the latest drivers for NVIDIA video cards here, and for ATI video cards here. To update your chipset drivers, and other system drivers visit your computer manufacturer website.

Turn off All Security Software on your Computer

Another reason for the “Doom has stopped Working” issue too occur is your protection software, software like AVG, AVAST, ESET, KASPERSKY, NORTON and so on can sometimes cause these sorts of issues. Try to disable them and then play the game, if the game then works make sure to add all game folders to the exception list of the protection software and add the game to the allowed firewall rules.

Re-install the Game

Yes, It hurts, I know it’s a huge installation, but their is a big chance that something went wrong during the installation which is causing this error to occur. Remove the game completely and then re-install the game. If you downloaded the game, then re-download the game and install it again. If you still have downloaded files, then remove them, and redownload them, a package could have been corrupted while downloading.

Ask Us for Help

On our forums you can ask for our help, simply wait till you get the “Doom has stopped Working” error again and copy and paste the text you get when you click on View Problem Details in a post on the forums. Which you can visit here 

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