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How do I fix @ key and ” key or other keys switched around

A common problem user experience when they have multiple input languages or the wrong one set up in Windows is that keys are switched around. if they press the @ key they get ” and if they press the ” key the get @. There are many more examples but we will stick with this one in this tutorial. Solving this

There are many more examples but we will stick with this one in this tutorial. Solving this issue, however, is quite easy and shouldn’t take to much of your time.

Fix switched around keys in Windows 10

First of all, you’ll need to be sure which keyboard input language you have, therefore, we suggest you find the correct language by using this post. Once you know which type of keyboard language you have we can get started on setting that up in Windows 10.

1. Right-click the Windows icon in your taskbar and choose Control Panel

2. Once Control Panel has opened click on Clock, Language and Region

3. Once you are in Clock, Language and Region settings click on Change Input Methods under Language.



4. Choose your currently activated Language and then double-click on it or click on Options. You can see which language you use by looking at the language in your task bar.



5. Once you did that click on Add an input method and find your keyboard layout in the list, once found add it. Then remove all but that Input Method from the list.




Your keyboard should now be in the correct layout and the @ key and ” key should no longer be switched, and any others keys that were acting up should also have been fixed. We hope this article helped you to solve the problem with your keyboard layout resulting in your @ key and ” key being switched.

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