FIX: Keyset as register is invalid

1. Open File Explorer (Previous Windows versions Windows Explorer)

2. In the address bar type



3. Rename the RSA folder to RSA.old

4. Reboot your device, and see if the problems are gone, if not continue

5. Go back to the address in step 2, now rename the entire Crypto folder to Crypto.old

6. Reboot

The problems you were facing should now have been solved. If not then please comment below.

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2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Windows
Yuri specializes in troubleshooting (crash analysis and devices), system resource utilisation and system performance. He is also very interested in Customer Security. Yuri can be found as Windows Community Moderator and Wiki Author on Microsoft Answers and is active on different communities all across the web.


  1. Hi Yuri, thanks for the information. Step 3 solved some problems. Step 5: I cannot change file name. message is “Cannot change filename because an unextected error. Error: 0x80070057 paramete is nor correct”

  2. Hi Yuri, thanks for the information and help. Some problems were solved renaming RSE. But some remains. Could not rename Crypto: reprt is: “Cannot change filename because an unexpected error… Error 0x80070057. Parameter is not correct.”
    How can I continue? Thanks. (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

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