FIX: Outlook 2016 hangs at “loading profile”

Many people have reported problems when they try to start Outlook 2016 that Outlook keeps saying Loading Profile. I had this issue personally a few days ago and found out that removing your profiles does solve this. However be aware that removing your profiles does result in data loss.

How to Remove Outlook Profiles in Windows 10

1. To begin right-click on the Start Menu and then choose Control Panel

2. Once Control Panel has opened click on User Accounts

3. Then once the User Accounts section of Control Panel has opened click on Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016) 


4. Then once Mail Setup has opened click on Show Profiles…


5. Click on the first user profile and then choose Remove, repeat this step for all user profiles.



After completing all the steps you can start Microsoft Outlo0k again, and outlook will ask you to set up your mail accounts like you had to do when you ran Outlook for the first time.

While this isn’t the best solution, at the moment it does seem to like the only solution that always works. We hope this tutorial helped you if you need more help then feel free to visit our forums.

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  1. They have known about this for 6 years!!!

    They have (Microsoft) instructions how to fix this ourselves!!! (step by step)

    Why can they not find a programmer to program this???

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