Troubleshooting Windows 8

FIX: The device is being used by another application.

Method 1: Scan for hardware changes

According to some users on Microsoft Answers the problem can be solved by simply scanning for hardware changes on your system.

1. Open Start and type Device Manager then select Device Manager

Device Manager
Device Manager

2. Once in Device Manager click the Scan for hardware changes button

Scan for hardware changes
Scan for hardware changes

3. Try to play audio again, if the problem still persists continue to method 2


Method 2: Reinstalling Drivers

Another way this problem seems to be solvable is by updating your audio drivers on the system, you can simply download these from your computer manufacturer website. If you’re not sure which you need then leave a comment and we’ll help you (please always post your brand and model id)

List of download locations for drivers.

·        ASUS

·        Acer

·        HP

·        Packerd Bell

·        MSI

·        Sony

·        Samsung

·        Dell

·        Lenovo


  • Matthew Miller April 11, 2017

    This JUST bit me 🙁 4/2017 And I’m a Computer Pro and nerd! Wasted 90 mins doing safe mode, System Restore , Hardware Changes, etc then eureka 🙂 Control Panel/Device Manager/Sound and double click your Sound Card…Driver Tab….Disable your Driver……click OK and exit out
    Go back in and ‘Enable’ it. Click OK

    Worked for me 🙂

    If that doesn’t work…then YES uninstall and download new driver and install!

  • John May 30, 2016

    Rolled back driver for HDMI Audio. Problem caused by updated AMD Catalyst. HDMI Audio working again with original driver.

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