FIX: The drive where windows is installed is locked

Accessing the Windows RE Command Prompt

1. Boot into the Advanced Startup Settings (How to reach the Advanced Startup Settings)

2. Now choose Troubleshoot

Advanced Startup Settings

Advanced Startup Settings

3. Now choose Advanced Options

4. Now choose Command Prompt

Advanced Options

Advanced Options

5. Choose your operating system and login with an Administrator account.

Windows RE: Command Prompt

You’ve now reached the Command Prompt of Windows RE (black screen with white text). Please follow all steps carefully.

For your information; We use the drive C: in all our commands, however this could be different for each installation. Sometimes you need to use the default drive for WIndows RE (X:). If C does not work we suggest you try X first.

1. Type the following command and hit enter. Wait for this process to complete:

2. Once the process has completed, reboot your device and try to see if the message no longer appears when refreshing, resetting or when installing Windows.

chkdsk scans for bad clusters on your harddrive and tries to repair these. This could result in minor file lost on your system, please make sure all important data is stored safely.

I still receive “The drive where windows is installed is locked”

Then the issue was not with your hard drive but with some bootrec¬†settings. Let’s try to rebuild the bootrec and see if the problems now disappear.

1. Boot back into the Windows RE (Advanced Startup Settings) and go to Command Prompt again.

2. Once in Command Prompt, execute the following commands, hit enter after each command.

3. Now reboot your device and see if the problem no longer appears. If the problem still appears then please visit WindowsQ on WindowsInstructed or leave a comment and we’ll try our best to help you further.

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