How to FIX Windows Camera App Error 0xA00F424F

People seem to be having problems with the Windows Camera App giving them error code 0xA00F424F when they try to take a picture or even before it. This error is caused by a permission issue on your computer and is easily fixable.

How to FIX Windows Camera App Error 0xA00F424F

1. Open File Explorer and then go to the Pictures folder on your computer

How to FIX Windows Camera App Error 0xA00F424F
Windows Pictures Folder

2. Find the Camera Roll folder and right-click it

3. Now in the context menu click on Properties

4. Once properties opened click on the Security tab.

How to FIX Windows Camera App Error 0xA00F424F
Security Settings for Pictures

5. Click on your name and then click on Edit

6. Click your name again and make sure the box Allow Full Control is checked and click on Apply and then OK to exit the properties.

Allow full Control
Allow full Control


Restart the Camera app, if you did all the steps correctly then you should no longer receive the error message and error code you received before (0xA00F424F). However in some cases even these steps don’t work, we suggest you then visit our forums or Microsoft Answers and help for personalized help. Make sure to link to this post and say you’ve tried these steps to avoid getting them again.

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  1. it appears to me that all the permissions are checked off as full (but grayed out and cannot be unchecked) and the issue persists. please let me know if you find another fix! thank you

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