FIX: Windows Error 127

If you’re experiencing “Windows Error 127 when starting Itunes”, “Windows Error 127 while attempting to reinstall Itunes”, or “iTunes was not installed correctly. Please reinstall iTunes”  then something within the Itunes installation became corrupt. This can be easily solved by following the following steps below.

FIX Windows Error 127

1. Open Control Panel

Control Panel: Programs
Control Panel: Programs

2. Click on Programs

3. Click on Uninstall A Program

Uninstall a Program
Uninstall a Program

4. Then right-click iTunes and choose Uninstall

5. Once iTunes has been removed, find and right-click QuickTime and choose Uninstall

6. Once QuickTime has been removed, find and right-click Apple Software Update and choose Uninstall

7. Once Apple Software Update has been removed, find and right-click Apple Mobile Device Support and choose Uninstall

8. Once Apple Mobile Device Support has been removed, find and right-click Bonjour and choose Uninstall

9. Once Bonjour has been removed, find and right-click Apple Application Support and choose Uninstall

Bye Bye Itunes
Bye Bye Itunes

10. Reboot your device.

11. Download the latest version of Itunes from  and install that.


The problems should now be solved. Hopefully this worked for you. Thanks for reading and trusting!

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