Troubleshooting Windows Windows 10

How to Fix Windows 10 Upgrade Fails

We are trying to collect all the information we see around the web on the Windows 10 Upgrade process. And then especially on how to solve current issue. Please keep coming back to see if we have updated this article if It did not help you.

Windows 10 Upgrade fails to Install

Try to use these steps to remove the SoftwareDistribution folder and redownload and then reinstall Windows 10 .

  1. First try to reinstall the Upgrade with your computer being booted clean. How to boot clean. (read step 1)
  2. If that as well fails, try to remove your SoftwareDistribution folder (read step 4), redownload and then reinstall Windows 10

Let me know if it helps. This error code is appearing a lot with Windows Upgrades and the real cause needs some research.

Windows 10 Upgrade not downloading

This could simply be a matter of time. Open the GWX App by clicking in the left tray corner of your screen and see if the status has updated.

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