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Fix: You have files waiting to be burned to disc

It is not really an issue, Windows is not damaged, nothing is wrong. It’s just that the temp burning folder still contains files which have never been burned to a disc.


Open the Temporarily Burn Folder

Method 1: Through File Explorer

Open File Explorer and type the following path in the address bar:

C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Burn\Temporary Burn Folder
File Explorer: Path
File Explorer: Path

Method 2: Through Run

Press the Windows + R key at the same time, then type shell:cd burning in the run box, then click on OK.

Run: Command
Run: Command

Remove all files

Select all files and delete them

Burning: Remove all files
Burning: Remove all files


The tray notice should now no longer appear randomly when your using your system.

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