How to gain access to locked files

Do you have files or folders that have been created on another computer and have been assigned the locked file icon by Windows?

You can gain access to those files by taking ownership and thus removing the access block so the file/folder can be opened.

These files will most likely have a padlock in the icon as in this example

Locked FIle

To gain access you must have Administrator’s rights on the Computer in question.

Let us begin…

1. Right Click on the locked folder and select Properties
2. Select Security and then click Advanced both shown in red in the example below.

File Properties: Security
File Properties: Security

Next select the Owner tab followed by Edit as in this example.

Owner Tab
Owner Tab

Finally ensure that your name appears in the Current owner b0x, if you need to change the current owner select the name you need from the list in the Change Owner To box.
Also ensure that there is a check mark (✔) in the Replace owner on subcontainers and objects box as shown here as this will give acces to any files within the folder.

 Replace owner on subcontainers and objects
Replace owner on subcontainers and objects

Click Apply and then OK to exit.. this will give you ownership to all files in the folder and thus access to them all.

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