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Google Apps Backup Tool – Total Safeguard for Your G Suite Email & Data

“Hello everyone, I am a system administrator in a reputed IT company. And, we use Google Apps for Business suite to handle all the office work online. Unfortunately, an employee intentionally deleted all his data from G Suite account before leaving the organization. All of the deleted emails are very important for the company. Since that day, we clearly get a clear picture that data on cloud gives you flexibility to work from anywhere. But, the protection of data is our own duty. So, here I would shed light on the need of Google Apps backups services.”

Therefore, in this review, I am going to describe a software named as SysTools Google Apps Backup Toolin order to safeguard G Suite data by saving them on system. With this utility, the businesses that are working on Google Apps can protect their data from unknown data loss disaster. Because if your G Suite data is not secured, then might be possible that you will lose all the confidential documents or emails. And, the data loss is not less than a heart attack. So, let’s start to get a detailed picture of the software.

Get Complete Protection of Data Via. Google Apps Backup Tool

Google Apps Email Backup Service is a simplified way to backup G Suite email and secure your crucial data, especially emails. On a fundamental level, the function of software is to download an offline copy of the data of single or multiple G Suite user(s) account on the system. Plus, there are lots of great features on this product and some are so good that makes it a fantastic backup tool.

On top of that, the Google Apps Business Email Backup tool has a distinct and self-guided user interface. So, any average-rated technical person can use this tool without any pain.

  • The part I like the most about the tool is, a Single or Domain user can access the tool and take backup according to the requirement. To login as single user, only need to enter the Google account credentials and export all the data items like email, contacts on the system. For Domain User, type the administrator account credentials and do rest of the process without any hassle.
Single and Domain user access
  • The other merits of this software is it has multiple export options to backup Google Apps data items on designated location. All the file types are discussed below-
  1. PST – Importable into Outlook and store emails, contacts, calendars, and documents
  2. MBOX – Supported by various email applications like Thunderbird and save emails only.
  3. MSG – Compatible with Outlook and save emails, contacts, calendars.
  4. EML – Use to save emails
multiple file export options
  • The pivotal feature that every organization needed is Location to Save the Google Apps data. For this, the tool asks the user to provide a path where the G Suite data backup file can be stored securely. So, whenever there is a requirement to access the exported data, they can do it without any hassle. To do this, just click on Browse option as shown in the screenshot.
  • After further evaluation, we get a Delete After Download option. This feature is very much interesting and works very well. This option can be used when the company wants to clean up the cloud space after taking the backup of data. In fact, there are many emails reside in the Gmail Inbox that are not important in the current situation but can be used further. So, check this option in Google Apps backup tool to take backup of that items and clear its storage space from cloud as well.
Delete After Download feature
  • If you wish to protect only specific range of emails on the system, then select the Add Time Interval option. It is a potential feature that helps in several ways. It not only exports limited emails but saves the time too. With this option, just provide a specific timeline and tool will download the emails that lie between the mentioned range.

What’s More in G Suite Backup Tool ?

Google Apps Backup Software works with all Microsoft Windows Operating System without any error. Above all, the free version of tool is also existed that gives you a good scope of all functionalities.

To initiate the process, you need to click on Start button. As soon as, you clicked on button, a real-time progress report starts displaying on the screen. Here, you can view the information about the following data components:

  • Email Count
  • Calendar Count
  • Document Count
  • Contact Count
emails, contacts, calendar counts report

An acknowledgement message display after the completion of backup process. You can also check whether the data is completely backup or not on the provided location.

The Verdict

No rocket science is needed to explain to you how many data threats are available on cloud that enough capable to harm your data. And once you lost the control over the data items, it seriously affects your business. So, keep Google Apps Backup Service in the system and make a practice to save the user’s mailbox data on daily bases. Thus, in future, if any data loss situation occurs, you have the data in your hand.

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