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Perform Google Drive to OneDrive Migration Manually Step by Step

Google Drive to OneDrive Migration

Transferring Cloud data is not unknown to everyone else. Users have multiple choice to save and manage their files or other data with the growing number of cloud service providers. Moreover, users can acquire multiple cloud platforms to meet their needs because the free storage space of the cloud is limited. Hence, what you will do if you have a Google Drive account and One drive account and you have to transfer files from Google Dive to OneDrive due to an official obligation? Therefore, in this blog, we are going to discuss a manual way to help users to perform Google Drive to OneDrive migration. Before that, let us discuss a few advantages of OneDrive account.

Few Benefits of OneDrive Account

With the help of OneDrive Account, users will have their files safe and available everywhere. Some of the advantages are listed below:

  • With Office 365, you need to create or modify across all the browsers, smartphone applications, or desktop mail clients, with full intelligent power discovery and insights.
  • The best thing about OneDrive is that it supports more than 200 different file types.
  • Assurance of full security with the help of IT confidence.
  • Cloud leadership and rules are committed to enterprise-grade compliance with full security.

Two Approaches to Move Data From Google Drive to OneDrive

Go through the following ways by which users can perform Google Drive to OneDrive migration easily. Please have a look:

Migrate selective files from Google Drive to OneDrive

This is one of the best solutions. Before transfer files from Google Drive to OneDrive, users must download the files from Google Drive and upload them to OneDrive. The following is the detailed steps:

a) You have to run the Google browser and sign in Google Drive and OneDrive.

b) On the Google Drive page, click on My drive and select files that you want and then download all of them to your system.

Google Drive to OneDrive Migration

c) Under the OneDrive page, select File >> New >> create a new folder. After that, you can choose those files downloaded from Google Drive account and press open button.

Create New Folder

Switch entire data from Google Drive to OneDrive at Once

Now, you can follow these steps that will help you to perform bulk migration from Google Drive to OneDrive at a time:

a) Login with your Google account and password.

b) Mark select all and make sure that this option Drive is enabled. Press Next button

Select Drive

c) You can skip to delivery method, select Add to OneDrive and hit on Link account and create an archive and log in to Onedrive account. Now, each file available in Google Drive that can be added to your Onedrive.

Add to OneDrive

Limitations of Manual Approach

As the manual approach is very helpful for doing migration from Google Drive to OneDrive but, it has few limitations. The major drawback is that it is very time-consuming and internet connection is must during data conversion. Further, once the data transfer was interrupted it cannot be resumed.

Professional Way to Transfer files from Google Drive to OneDrive

To overcome such limitations, users can take help of a reliable third-party tool named as G Drive to OneDrive Migrator. This application is designed in such a way to move data from Google Drive to a OneDrive account. It has a simple and user-friendly interface that even a non-technical user can avail it without taking external help. Some of the highlighted features of the tool are mentioned below:

  • Move files from Google Drive to OneDrive for Business efficiently.
  • Software provides facility to transfer password protected documents.
  • Maintains on-disk folder structure during G Drive to OneDrive Migration.
  • Renders 3 different types of permissions like Read, Write & Comment.
  • Option to modify default permission when converting files/ documents.
  • Apply Date-range filters throughout data conversion without any risk.
  • This software will support all versions of Windows Operating System.

Time to Conclude

Google Drive is the most important for users, as it stores photos, designs, drawings, recordings, videos, and so forth. But sometimes users want to convert Google Drive to OneDrive. Henceforth, in this blog, we have described a complete manual procedure for data conversion. But, these methods have some drawbacks. So, it is highly recommended to use SysTools G Drive to OneDrive Migration tool to simply perform G Drive to OneDrive migration. Also, we have explained its unique and most impressive features in an absolute way.

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