Handy Apps To Have When Dealing With Video Files

These days, being computer literate is extremely important and one of the key aspects of computer literacy is working with different kinds of files. Video files are some of the most common files which you are likely to come across and they can be used for everything from watching movies to creating innovative presentations. There is so much which can be done with video files if you have the right applications. There are excellent apps that enable you to download, edit and play video files, and choosing the right apps will really improve your video experience.

Here are some handy apps to have when dealing with video files.

1. Video Download App

There are various different ways to get video files but one of the most common is to download them via a torrent site. Across the web, there are websites with tens of millions of different video files including movies, tv shows, music videos, animations, and any other kind of video you can think of. There have been various legal issues that have arisen over the past two decades with regard to video ownership and piracy, but these days there is so much downloading going on that it is widely accepted. However, WindowsInstructed does not condone, support, or in any way assist in downloading copyrighted content from the web, these tools should be used for legal downloading of copyright free material. The best download apps and software will be able to use your internet speed for lightning-fast downloads so that you will have access to the video file in no time at all. Whenever you download anything from the Internet, it is crucial that you have up-to-date, state-of-the-art virus software to ensure that the video file doesn’t have any viruses.

2. File Conversion App

Another way to get video files is to access them on YouTube. This is the world’s biggest online source of videos and you can either watch them online or download them as MP3 files. In order to download the files to your computer or storage device, you will need to use a file conversion app. When converting from YT to MP3, it is important to note that you are only legally allowed to do this with the files that you own. This means that any videos you have uploaded on your YouTube channel can be downloaded as an MP3 for you to watch, edit or share as you wish. With tens of millions of videos on YouTube, there is an almost limitless supply of files, as long as you have the legal right to convert.

3. Video Editor App

Whether you are an aspiring videographer who shoots family parties, or you are hoping to become the next KSI and take over the world of vlogging, a video editor app is one of the most important pieces of technology you will need. Video editing apps and software allow you to cut the length, rearrange scenes, add filters and graphics, change the lighting, enhance the audio, and various other things which will really take your videos to the next level. There are many video editing apps available but many of them come with a free month’s trial. Try a few out and see which you find easiest to use.

4. Video Player App

Once you have downloaded and edited your video files, you will need a video player app to watch them. There are various different types of video files such as MP4 and .MOV so you will need a player which is able to deal with all of them. These days, the vast majority of computers will come with a built-in player which can play every type of file, but if yours doesn’t, there are many free apps available online to download such as VLC player.

5. Video Streaming App

Social media platforms like TikTok have recently become very popular allowing users to upload and watch different video clips. TikTok now has more than one billion users who regularly scroll through the videos of their favorite people to see what content they have uploaded. There are various video streaming apps like TikTok with which you can share your content to a potentially huge audience and become a bonafide online celebrity. YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook all have live video streaming now so you can stay in touch with your followers at all times.

With so many fantastic apps, there are now some amazing things you can do with video files. From downloading thousands of movies and shows to editing your own videos to professional standards, there is now every kind of application available. Try some of the apps in this list and you will be able to take your video file game to another level.

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