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How To Access The Recovery Environment In Windows.

How To Access The Recovery Environment In Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Hello WindowsInstructed Readers,

I am NBK*Twitch and in this tutorial I will be showing you how to reach the Recovery Environment(RE) in Windows Vista and Windows 7. I will also be explaining why it is there and what it can be used for. So let’s begin!


What is the Recovery Environment and what is it used for?

The Recovery Environment  is an extensible recovery platform based on Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE). When your computer fails to boot properly it will automatically load into this environment and begin the start-up repair process.The start-up repair tool is an automated tool that diagnoses and repairs boot issues.In addition to the start up repair tool, the Recovery Environment also has various tools for manual system recovery. The target audience for said features are OEMS and IT professionals.

How to get access to the Recovery Environment?

Now that you know what the Recovery Environment is, let’s go through how to get access to it.

1. First your computer needs to be fully shut down.

2. Power on your machine and after the BIOS screen, but before the  Windows Load Screen press f8 multiple times.

3. The “Advanced Boot Options” menu should now appear.

4. Choose “Repair Your Computer” and press enter.

5. Your computer will now load into the Recovery Environment.

6. Depending on your user settings it may ask you to pick a user and login. Be sure to choose the administrator account.

7. After doing so you should get a screen with 5 or 6 options. As seen in the picture below.

Recovery Environment

You are now in the Recovery Environment.  As you can see there is 5 options there sometimes is a 6th one related to your OEM recovery image. Now that we are in the Recovery Environment let me go through what each one of these tools are and what they are used for.

Startup Repair

The Startup Repair tool is a tool that automatically fixes issues that are preventing Windows from booting up properly.

System Restore

The System Restore tool allows you to restore you system to an earlier point in time.

Windows Complete PC Backup

The Windows Complete PC Backup tool is used to restore your entire system using a Windows System Image File made using the Windows Backup Utility.

Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

The Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool is used to check your system for memory hardware errors.

Command Prompt

The Command Prompt tool allows you to run commands from within the Recovery Environment.


This ends my tutorial on the Windows Recovery Environment, I hope this helps others understand the Recovery Environment better. Peace Outy Readers.


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