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How to adjust the volume for individual programs in Windows 10

We all know it, you have around 5 programs open that all make sound. You of course want your music to be the loudest of them all, but how do you make sure that your Music Player is playing at 100% and all other programs for example are at 50%?

In this tutorial I will show you how you can adjust the volume of each program seperatly in Windows 10. It’s really easy, and once you’ve seen it you will remember it forever.

Adjusting the Volume of Each Program

1. We begin by right-clicking on the Sound icon (Marked Red) in our taskbar, if you can’t see it then its might be hidden, click on the ^ symbol to show all icons (Marked Blue). As shown in the image below.


2. Once you did that click on Volume Mixer.


3. You can now choose the Sound Level for each of your active programs seperatly.



The nice thing about this is that Windows does remember your settings for the next time. So once you start the program again Windows will set it back to what you set it at before.

We hope this tutorial helped you on how to choose the volume level for each of your programs seperatly.

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