How to avoid moving selection when pressing enter in Microsoft Excel

By default if you press the enter button your selection in Microsoft Office moves down one row. This is normally very useful but can be annoying for some people that rather want to use their arrow buttons or their touchscreen for example. In this article we will show you how to disable the enter button in Microsoft Excel and avoid going down a row when pressing enter in Microsof Office Excel

Head to the Microsoft Excel settings

We begin by opening the Excel Settings. You do this by clicking on File and then Options as shown below.

1. Click on File

2. Click on Options

Disabling the moving behavior when pressing Enter in Excel

To disable the moving behavoir of the excel button in Excel head to the advanced options first.

Once there find the option “After pressing Enter, move selection” and uncheck the box to disable the moving behaviour.

We hope this short article helped you on disabling the moving feature in Excel. if you need more help than feel free to comment.

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