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How To boost your Microphone volume in Windows 10

If you’re in a meeting using Microsoft Teams, Zoom or whatever conference call or personal call software you prefer or use and you get the feedback that you’re heard to hear then this article might be useful for you. In this article we will show you how to boost your microphone input volume in Windows 10. The steps are quite easy so let’s get started.

First we begin by going to the Sound Control Panel, there are 2 methods to do this. If you already know how to get there you can skip both methods

Method one, through Menu Start

Open start menu and type Manage audio devices

Click on manage audio devices.

You can now skip method 2 and go to Enabling Microphone boost in Windows 10 under the next heading.

Method two, through the Audio Settings

In your taskbar, right-click the audio icon and choose Open Sound Settings

Once you’ve done that scroll down till you see Sound control panel under Related Settings

Enabling Microphone boost in Windows 10

Once you’ve done the steps as listed above go to the Recording tab in the Sound Control Panel and double-click your input device.

Once there click on the Levels tab

To increase the input volume drag the slider to the right under Microphone boost. Your input device has now been boosted.

If you get feedback from people that your audio sounds distored, unclear or that there is an annoying background noise then try to reduce the microphone boost level. this could help.

We hope this article has helped you on how to boost your microphone volume in Windows 10 and make you better hearable in meetings. if you have any comments than feel free to leave them down below.

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