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How to change or switch the Left and Right mouse button in Windows 10

While most people who are right-handed take for granted that almost all devices are designed for right-handed users there are quite a lot of left-handed users out there. It’s only normal that people start asking questions like “how do I switch my left and right mouse button”.

So in this article, we will show you how to switch the left and right mouse button in Windows 10. It’s quite easy and only takes a few steps. Let’s get started.

Using the Windows 10 Settings

One of the methods to switch the left and right mouse buttons is to use the Windows 10 settings. It’s quite easy and shouldn’t take too long.

1. Go to Settings by right-clicking the Windows icon or by opening start and clicking on the cogwheel.

2. Once in the Settings screen click on Devices.

3. Once you arrived on the Devices screen, click on Mouse.

4. Under “Select your Primary Button” choose Right.

You should now have changed the behavior of the left and right mouse button in Windows 10. If you’re using an older version of Windows or for some reason this didn’t work. Then continue reading the article on how to change the left and right button.

Using the Control Panel

The second method to switch the left and right mouse button is to use the old control panel. I still prefer this method but both methods work perfectly.

1. Open Control Panel and click on Hardware and Sound

2. Then click on Mouse

3. Then click check the box; “Switch primary and secondary buttons”.

You should now have switched the primary and secondary buttons on your device. If you need more help feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading WindowsInstructed.com

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