How to Change the Background of Lockscreen in Windows 10

If you wish to personalize your Windows 10 experience a bit, changing the background of the Lockscreen is a good first step. To change the background of the lockscreen you can simply go to Settings and then Personalize. We’ll help you trough it.


Change Background of Lockscreen

1. Open Start and click on Settings (or type settings in the searchbox and click on Settings)

2. Then choose Personalization

Settings: Personalization

Set a Slideshow as Background on the Lockscreen

If you wish to have a slideshow on your Lockscreen then choose Slideshow in the dropdown menu

3. Under Background choose Slideshow in the dropdown menu

4. Select the locations where the images for the slideshow are stored

Lockscreen Slideshow
Lockscreen Slideshow

Set an Image as the Lockscreen Background

3. Under Background choose Picture 

4. Now click on Browse and find the image you want as background.

Lockscreen: Image
Lockscreen: Image
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  1. The lock screen option is always stuck on slide show no matter what I choose. On the normal backround option, it’s fine but the lock screen isn’t even letting me see the preview or change the detailed status app.

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