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How to check which version of Microsoft Edge you have running

Sometimes and especially for debugging reasons you might want to know which version of Microsoft Edge is running on your computer. There could be security vulnerabilities as released by Microsoft for example for your current version. While Microsoft Edge updates itself automatically when you update Microsoft Windows it’s always a good idea to keep track of installed software versions on your computer.

There are a few methods, let’s explore them.

Method 1: Through the Settings menu in Microsoft Edge

Click in the Microsoft Edge browser on the three dots at the top right of the browser.

Then in the menu go to Help and Feedback, then choose About Microsoft Edge

You should now see the screen as shown below.

Method 2: Through the Adress bar in Microsoft Edge

In the Microsoft Edge browser type edge://version/ and hit enter. You will now also see which version of Javascript is beign run in Microsoft Edge, Flash and this sort of information.

The edge://version/ is a bit more detailed than the method 1. However this screen does not show the current update status which method 1 does.

It’s up to you which method you prefer. We however do hope this article helped you to find the Edge version number, revision, javascript version or whatever you were looking for.

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