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How-to: Converting Documents and Web Pages to PDF.

While most modern web browsers and document processors can do it by itself there are still many people wondering how to convert documents, web pages and images to a PDF file. In this how-to we will show you how you can convert any type of media (static media), web page or document to a PDF file using Wondershare PDFelement. We will also show you how to use Wondershare PDFelement to convert documents and media to one big PDF so called “merging PDFs”. If you’re using modern version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Office then you have the functionality built-in and are thinking why would I need Wondershare PDFelement? The bigest advantage is, after converting you can still edit your PDFs! But we get more into that later.

Wondershare PDFelement for Windows is a professional PDF editing tool for Windows users to edit and convert scanned PDF with leading-edge OCR technology. It is an all-in-one solution for all your PDF tasks which is specifically designed for individuals and small or medium businesses to manage and process any PDF files, such as tax returns, legal documents, business invoices, medical reports, administration forms, and more.

In this article, we will look into PDFelement and some of it features it has, explaining very basically how they work and what they do. While I was very sceptical of another PDF program designed for converting stuff into PDFs I was happily surprised by PDFelement because it’s so much more. You can edit your pdfs, add elements, remove elements, it has OCR support and so much more. In this article we will take a look at its main features and explain how you can use them!.

Converting Web Pages

1. We begin by installing Wondershare PDFelement on our system, you can use the trial to check out the product and if you like it then simply buy it.

2. If you want to convert a web page, like a news article to PDF then simply go to the website and print the page, but instead of choosing your normal printer choose the printer that’s called “Wondershare PDFelement”

3. Once you selected Wondershare PDFelement as printer and clicked on Print the document should appear in the Wondershare PDFelement a few moments later.


How about Microsoft Office documents?

Another way of using Wondershare PDFelement by simply opening the program itself and then choose to convert a word document to a PDF. We will show you a small example of how this works. We will also give you an impression of what PDFelement can do for you once you’ve converted the doc file to a PDF file.

1. First of all you simply save your word file and then browse to the file in PDFelement and then open it (Create PDF), it will then show you an editor which looks a bit like Microsoft Word.


2. When the program has finished reading the document you can add more elements to the document, but you can also make changes to the document, including changing text, adding images, adding links and of course removing text, images, and links.


This could be very handy if you see a small mistake in the document but don’t want to save the document again and then convert it to PDF again. However you could also add form fields to your document, add images and other rich media. The editor is very user friendly and allows quite a lot of changes. The main advantage from a PDF created from text is that you can also edit the orginal text. If you have scanned a document then you can use the OCR functionality, however this is not free and has to bought seperatly.

Can you also merge PDFs?

Yes! PDFelement also supports merging PDFs together, a feature which I personally loved most of all. Why may you ask? Modern browsers and most Microsoft Office applications support converting to PDF by themselves, however, once you converted it, you can’t make like one big PDF with everything in it, using PDFelement you can! You simply choose the functionality Merge PDF in the main menu and you can choose which files you want to add to the PDF. You can also add any other kind of media or document and it will simply accept it. Like I’ve done with some pictures below.



After merging the files together and accepting what PDFelement did you can make some small adjustments like adding your own text, hyperlinks or any other rich element. The program is really, incredible easy to use and the merging functionaality is really something that is perfect.




Conclusion of Wondershare PDFelement

While you might not be looking for an application that can convert word documents and web pages to PDFs there is pretty much more that PDFelement can do for you, including giving you the possibility to edit your exports (for example adding text and more). However one of the best feature that PDFelement has in my eyes is the MergePDF functionality which is incredibly handy in any situation.

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