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How-to Disable Password After Sleep in Windows 10

Some users don’t take their computers along with them or just don’t want to be prompted for their password each time they start-up their computer from Sleep or Hibernate. You can disable this prompt from showing up quite easily.

Disable Password Prompt after Sleep

1. Click on the Start button and type Power Options, then choose Power Options.

Windows 10 Power Options Search
Windows 10 Power Options Search

2. On the left side click on Require a Password on wakeup

Windows 10: Require Password After Sleep
Windows 10: Require Password After Sleep

3. Click on Change Settings that are currently unavailable

Windows 10 Power Options: Change Options
Windows 10 Power Options: Change Options

4. Check the box Don’t Require a Password

Windows 10: Don't require Password
Windows 10: Don’t require Password

5. Click on Save Changes.

[symple_box color=”red” fade_in=”false” float=”center” text_align=”left” width=””] I strongly advice you to not do this on devices you carry around since anyone can get access to all your personal files and settings.


  • Nelson January 4, 2018

    thanks worked for me and taken away my irritation of using password.

  • James September 13, 2016

    I don’t even have that option on my computer. It is not there in any of the power settings.

  • Stephen August 6, 2016

    This article has been rendered useless by the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Build 1607.

    • george M. August 26, 2016

      Yes indeed!

  • nvjnkj.kjmkj. d n.j,m , b . df nnfd mb bndf n mn n n September 23, 2015

    thank you

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