How to Enable / Disable Bluetooth in Windows 10?

Bluetooth can be handy to connect your phone, mouse, headset or any device you might have that supports Bluetooth to your Windows 10 device if it supports Bluetooth. In this tutorial, we will take a look at how to enable but also on how to disable Bluetooth in Windows 10.

Of course, using Bluetooth can have quite an impact on your battery life. It’s suggested to disable it once you’re done using it.

Let’s begin with the tutorial about enabling and disabling Bluetooth in Windows 10.

Method 1: Through Settings

There are different methods of enabling and disabling Bluetooth in Windows 10. One of those methods is this one, enabling it through the Windows settings.

1. Open Start and then click on Settings

2. Once in Settings, click on Network and Internet

3. In the left pane, click on Flight Mode.

4. Under “Wireless Device” and then “Bluetooth” change the switch from off to on to enable Bluetooth and switch it from on to off to disable Bluetooth.


Method 2: Through Action Center

Another method of enabling and disabling Bluetooth is by using the action center in Windows 10.

1. Click on the Action Center icon in the taskbar (See the image below, marked 1).

2. Then in the Action Center, click on Bluetooth.

If the button is highlighted with a color then Bluetooth is active. If it’s as shown in the image below, dark then it’s disabled.


We hope this tutorial explained to you how to enable or disable Bluetooth in Windows 10. If you need more help then please feel free to visit our forums where Windows experts and enthusiasts are waiting to answer any question you might have. Thanks for reading

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  1. Option 1 worked with a recent model Windows 10 laptop.

    However with the older model, recently upgraded Windows 10 desktop, no Bluetooth option shows up in either fashion

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