Adware Malware

How to get Rid of

If your browser start page has changed to then you are infected with Adware. Do not worry this piece of adware is not really damaging for your computer but can be very annoying. The Adware is meant to promote the search engine and their Ads.

Removing this Adware is quite easy, happily we can use tools for it, so you don’t have to do it manually. Let’s get going.


We are sorry for blurring the above image, however we try to be a website suitable for all ages, and let’s say those images were not (at all!).

1. Download AdwCleaner from ToolsLib –

2. Run the downloaded program and Read and then Agree with the Terms of Use

3. Then click on Scan 

4. Then click on Cleaning

AdwCleaner: Cleaning
AdwCleaner: Cleaning

5. Wait for the cleaning to complete, then when prompted, reboot your system.

The Adware, and homepage should not be gone from your system

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