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How To: Hide the Contact Birthday Reminder on Windows 8.1 Lock Screen

windows 8 lock screen birthday

Microsoft wants you to connect all your account with your Windows 8.1 installation in other to give you all sorts of ‘useful information’. But what if you don’t want to know when people are having their birthday? Maybe because you don’t like people, or you feel your memory is in good state and you do not need such reminders from windows. We at WindowsInstructed don’t really care, we just offer you the solution to your problem, with this really short ‘How to’ on how to Hide the Contact Birthday Reminder on your Windows 8.1 Lock Screen.

  • From Start screen, click on the Calendar app.
  • Within the app, slide your mouse cursor to the top right corner of the screen to open the Charm bar (or swipe in from the right corner to open the Charm bar).
  • Click Settings > Options.
  • There is a “Birthday calendar” section in the Calendar settings.
  • Simply slide off the Birthday calendar by moving its switch from Show to Hide.

When you done, the next time when your lock screen shows up, you will no longer see the Birthday reminder showing next to the notification area.

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