How-to keep the task manager always on top in Windows 10

In this how-to we will show you different ways to ensure that the Task manager in Windows is always on top. This will the task manager will always stay above all other windows on your screen.

In some situations this can be useful for example; to debug (very basic) the performance of an tool your using, the current memory usage, the current CPU or GPU usage and so on.

Let’s get start on how to keep your task manager always on top in Windows 10. We will show you 2 ways to enable this feature, however there are more methods but these 2 are the easiest and most convenient.

  • Enabling stay on top from within the Task Manager
  • Enabling stay on top from the icon in the task bar.

Enabling stay on top from within the task manager

The most used method and to be honest the easiest method is to enable stay on top within the Task Manager. In this chapter we will show you how to do that.

Begin the starting the Task Manager for example by right-clicking your Taskbar and choosing Task Manager or by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESCAPE at the same time.

If task manager has opened in the Compact view then click on More details

Once you’ve started the Task Manager head to the Options menu, once there click on Always on Top.

There is also a method to do this without using your mouse. If you’re interested in doing that then just start Task Manager and once it has started click on ALT+O and then press A.

Enabling stay on top from the Task Bar

You can also enable and disable Always on Top of the Task Manager in Windows 10 from the taskbar. Once the task manager has been opened (for example by using the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+ESCAPE) simply right-click the icon and choose Always on Top

We hope this article has helped you on how to enable always on top feature of the Task Manager in Windows 10. If you have any comments than feel free to leave them behind. We are quite sure that “Enabling stay on top from within the task manager” is the best method and easiest one. If you have a better on, than let us know!

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