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How to make a Windows 10 Registry Backup

In this article we will explain how you make a Windows 10 registry backup. A crucial thing to do when you change, modify or delete Registry keys on your system.

Why en when would you want to make a Windows 10 Registry Backup? There are a couple of reasons actually.

  1. You going to change Windows registry keys or remove them
  2. You going to install untested software which optimize your system

There are of course many reasons, but these are the most common. Making a back-up is fairly easy!

Making the backup

There are many programs that can do this, but you can also do it manually. We will explain you how you can do it manually.

1. Open the Start Menu and type Regedit then choose Regedit.exe

Windows 10 Start Menu: Regedit
Windows 10 Start Menu: Regedit

2. When Regedit is open, make sure all folders are collapsed and you have this screen

Windows 10: Registry Hives
Windows 10: Registry Hives

3. Now right-click Computer and choose Export

Registry Export
Registry Export

4. Save the file anywhere you like.


This could take some time, after it has been saved you’re done. However we suggest you read the suggestions below.



  • Never save the Windows 10 Registry Backup on the system you made the backup for, use an removable USB drive or a cloud storage.
  • Never use the Registry backup on any system that it was not made on.
  • Registry is affected after a software installation or Windows update always make a fresh backup if possible.


Q: Does a System Restore Point make a backup of the Windows 10 registry?

A: Yes, It does. So if your system stopped working after a Windows Update it’s suggested to use the System Restore Point instead

Q: How do I restore these backups?

A: Through Safe Mode.

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