How to Migrate Email from Thunderbird to Outlook?

Mozilla always amazes its users with its ingenious applications. Thunderbird is one such application that gained popularity in the shortest time. Even though it is an open-source email platform, it never fell short in features and functionalities. However, it cannot provide the same security features as Outlook. Fortunately, it is really easy to migrate to Outlook. Here are the easiest methods to migrate to Outlook from Mozilla Thunderbird.

Drag and Drop Emails from Thunderbird to Outlook

Many experts might have suggested different methods to migrate Outlook, but many users are not aware that you can simply drag the emails. Here is how you do it.

Create a folder at your desired location with the desired folder name. Now open the Thunderbird and select emails you want to migrate. Now drag and drop selected emails into the folder.

Now open those emails on Outlook. Done, you have successfully migrated your Email from Thunderbird to Outlook.

However, if you consider the entire process, it is a bit annoying. Because this process can work when you export 10 to 20 emails but what if you want to migrate thousands or tens of thousands of mails. This method might is exhausting. However, this article has other methods that will help you to migrate all your emails to Outlook at once.

Expert Suggestion to Move Thunderbird Data to Outlook

Before trying out more complex methods, you have to know few things. Generally, all the emails services use two protocols which are

  • IMAP (Internet message access protocol)
  • POP3 or POP (Post Office Protocol)

In comparison, IMAP is more prominently used than the POP protocol. The advantage of IMAP is it works on the synchronization principle.

In detail, if you are using any email client or email the manager such as Thunderbird or Outlook, the email data will exist in the online server as well as local storage. Whatever the changes you make on your email manager will sync to your online server.

So, if your email service works on IMAP protocol, you can directly add your email ID on Outlook. Outlook will automatically sync with your email online server and all your email data from Thunderbird will be synced directly to Outlook.

In contrast, POP works on the principle of download and delete. this means, after the email being downloaded to your email client in your case Thunderbird, the email will be deleted from the online server.

Hence, you have to manually migrate your Thunderbird data to the Outlook. Recently, almost all the email service providers adapted to IMAP protocol, make sure what protocol your email service works with.

Before proceeding any further, since Thunderbird does not have a dedicated option to migrate the data to the Outlook application. Whereas Outlook you have a dedicated option which is known as Import/Export wizard. These options will help you even to move PST file to new computer Outlook 2016

Since you don’t have a dedicated option Thunderbird, you have to manually create a folder and then export it to Outlook. Follow, the next section for complete details.

How to Manually Transfer Thunderbird data to Outlook.

  • Open Thunderbird application and create a new folder
  • Select the emails you want to transfer to Outlook and move them to the new folder you have created.
  • If you are having different types of emails create different folders based on the type of email. Move the emails to a specific folder. Don’t save all the emails into the same folder.
  • Make sure you create a different folder for Inbox emails, sent emails, starred emails. So that you won’t confuse yourself.
  • After segregating all the emails open the folders individually. After opening a folder, select all the emails in that folder and right-click on selected emails, and select save as option.
  • In the save as window, select the desired location and create a new folder with the same folder name as on your Thunderbird.
  • Complete saving emails from all the folder.
  • After saving all the emails not to transfer them to your Outlook
  • First of all, add your email profile to your Outlook.
  • Open Outlook and, create new folders with the same names as before
  • Now move the emails from your computer folder to the folders on Outlook

Checklist to Transfer Thunderbird Data to Outlook

  • Make sure the folder names are ladled properly
  • Login on the Outlook before moving the emails. If you don’t log in the emails will not display
  • Email ID on Thunderbird and Outlook should be the same email profile. If the email ID is different then, exported emails will not preview on the Outlook

Precautions to Migrate Thunderbird data to Outlook

Since Thunderbird is not having a dedicated option, many experts suggest users to use converters to convert the Thunderbird data file format which is MBOX to Outlook PST format. However, the integrity of the software is completely subjective to the tool providers. So be cautions while using any third party file conversion tools.

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