How to Ping in Windows 10

Using the Ping command, you can test if your Internet Connection is working or if you can find a device in your network for example. The ping command has been in Windows for a long time and is still included in Windows 10.

If you are using Ping to test your internet connection then it’s a good idea to ping one of these servers to avoid that your internet connection is working but the server is not responding.


Those site’s are always up, or should be always up and therefore, it’s a safe bet to use those. Let’s get started on How to Ping in Windows 10

Pinging in Windows 10

1. Start Command Prompt by right-clicking your Windows icon in the taskbar and choose Command Prompt. Alternatively, you can press the Windows and R key at the same time on your keyboard and type cmd.exe and then click on OK.

2. Once Command Prompt has started you can enter the ping command.

The basic command to start a Ping session is: ping <server> <parameters>. If you want for example to ping for 30 hops you could use this command: ping Executing this command would result in the following:


How do you interpret the above results? It’s fairly simple. If you look at the packets line it should tell the same amount for sent as for received so in the above image it’s 4 sent and 4 received and therefore, the lost is 0. Another easier and faster way to see if you have the same amount of packages received as you sent out is to look at the percentage of lost packages. If this is more than zero percent then there might be a problem with your internet connection.

How to Ping a Certain Amount of Packets

If you want to test how stable your connection is then you can send more than the default 4 packages to the client. For example, you can send 30 packages as shown below. The command required to do this is: ping -n 30



There is so much more you can d0 with ping that we won’t go into it at this point. We’ve explained the basic usage of ping. If you want to learn more or want to experiment more than we suggest you type ping /? in command prompt to see all command available in Ping.

If you need more help or advice on how to use Ping in Windows 10 than feel free to visit our forums. Thank you for reading WindowsInstructed

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