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How-to Remove MyStartSearch


MyStartSearch is a Browser Hijacker which is promoted by freeware programs during their installation. Once a freeware installer installed this Browser Hijacker it changes your homepage and search page of all browsers to that of MyStartSearch

Tips to prevent this infection in the future

  • Be vigilant when installing freeware, never accept Terms of programs during the installation that you did not want to install.
  • Always choose Custom Installation and make sure only the program you wanted is installed.

Run Adwcleaner

AdwCleaner is a tool made by Xplode and is a free removal tool for Adware, PUPs, Toolbars and Hijackers.

1. Download Adwcleaner from toolslib here: Download ADWCleaner

2. Run the downloaded program as Administrator

3. Now click on Scan, a scan will be started on your system, depending on your system its performance this can take several minutes to complete.

AdwCleaner: Clean
AdwCleaner: Scan

4. After the scan has completed, click on the Cleaning button, first make sure it’s not deleting vital files, by viewing all the tabs.

AdwCleaner: Cleaning
AdwCleaner: Cleaning

5. Now, wait for the process to complete, a question to reboot will show up, reboot and then continue to the next step.

AdwCleaner Reboot
AdwCleaner Reboot

Run MalwareBytes

To make sure all the infections are really gone now, we are going to run a MalwareBytes scan and remove any remaining infections and infections you might have that you don’t know about yet.

1. Download MalwareBytes from the orginal website

2. Install the MalwareBytes and then, if it asks, update the program.

3. After the program is installed and updated if necessary, run a scan by clicking on Scan Now

MalwareBytes: Scan Now
MalwareBytes: Scan Now

4. Wait for the scan to complete, depending on your system its performance this can take several minutes to hours.

5. Remove the infections from your system by after the steps given by MalwareBytes and then reboot your system.

Malware Infected, Example
Malware Infected, Example

The infection should now be removed from your system, if it has not then please run MalwareBytes again, or ask for help.

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